Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Acquire Diamond-Shaped Runes

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Acquire Diamond-Shaped Runes

Runes are an important part of the combat in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but players are always on the hunt for diamond-shaped runes. These can be placed in certain weapons and armor after they have been upgraded with certain ingots. Unfortunately, many players think these runes to be just a legend, as they seem to be very difficult to find.

The one thing to keep in mind when searching for these runes is that much of it comes down to luck. There are certain things you can do and specific places you can look, but at the end of the day, the placement of these runes is fairly random.

Types Of Diamond Runes

The one thing players often wonder about these runes is if they are even worth the struggle to find them. There are two main categories for diamond runes, which include:

  • Weapon Diamond Runes
  • Armor Diamond Runes

The weapon diamond runes seem to be easier for players to find in comparison to the latter. Players have also noticed that the runes seem to correlate with the special perks offered by certain armor sets or their weapons.

A  few of the known diamond runes you can search for are as follows:

  • Curative Block: restores health after performing five blocks
  • Heavy Fury: ranged damage increases based on the weight of Eivor’s armor and weapons
  • Stalwart Swiftness: speed will increase when you’re at full health
  • Curative Guard: parrying restores some health
  • Venom Guard: parrying gives you the chance to add poison to your weapon
  • Momentus Fury: attack damage increases after completing a heavy finisher
  • Critical Knockdown: performing a heavy critical hit will knock enemies to the ground
  • Fire Guard: a parry gives you the chance to create a ring of fire around you
  • Magister: evasion is increased at night
  • Stun Momentum: stun increases after landing a heavy hit
  • Fire Execution: performing a heavy hit causes fallen opponents to light on fire
  • Blunt Joint: stun increases when you hit an opponent’s weak points
  • Forceful Dash: dodging an attack increases your heavy damage
  • Forceful Block: blocking an attack increases your heavy damage

How To Find Diamond Runes

Diamond runes are fairly scarce, however, there are some methods that raise your chances of finding these coveted objects. They may not be useful until you start collecting higher-level ingots, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always be on the lookout for them.

Killing Zealots

The easiest and most reliable way to collect these runes is by hunting down Zealots across the map. Not every single one will drop a rune, but killing all of them will guarantee you at least one.

It will take some searching, and you will also want to wait until later in the game seeing as some of their power levels can be quite high. These enemies are also worth it to track down as some will drop Treasures of Britain, which puts you one step closer to unlocking Excalibur.

Killing Order Members

Zealots are not the only members of the Order of the Ancients you can kill for these runes. Those located in the main tree will offer you a chance at some of these runes, but again, it is completely random. However, some say that the rare armor diamond runes can only be acquired by killing these members.

Searching Small Chests

There are small chests located across the map and they are marked by a small gold dot. It is fairly rare, but sometimes players say they are lucky enough to receive a diamond rune from one of these chests. If this is the route you are going then it is best you stick to higher-level regions with gold or tungsten ingots, as these will allow your armor and weapons to begin to carry these coveted runes.

Killing Mobs Of Elites

You probably never stop to fight the random groups of elite opponents that traverse the roadways, but maybe you should. Sometimes they are marked with a golden dot as they are carrying an ingot, however, they also drop diamond-shaped runes.

If you happen to be running along to your next objective or side quest and see one of these parties, it might be worth it to kill them all and see what prizes they have in store. There is no guarantee they will drop anything, but it is worth a shot seeing as you can hop on your horse and ride away if the fight grows too close.

Fulfilling Contracts At The Fisherman’s Hut And Hunter’s Hut

The Fisherman’s Hut and Hunter’s Hut are two upgrades to your settlement that you should look to add sooner than later. They both have a perk where you can trade them animal goods in exchange for items such as tattoos and diamond runes. The runes take a bit more work and exploration than others on the list, but it is well worth it seeing as you are guaranteed a diamond rune once you finish the contract.

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