Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Jorvik Walkthrough – The City Of Greed

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Jorvik Walkthrough – The City Of Greed

With a lengthy game like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, it’s nice to get a questline that wraps up in only a few steps. Jorvik, measured by the number of quests alone, is among the shortest areas to conquer in the game. And yet, each stage has plenty of places that turn players around. Getting lost in the big city is not good, even if the “big cities” weren’t quite as big back then.

In an effort to avoid getting mixed up, it’s never a bad idea to take some tips from the pros and read a guide from those who have been there. This guide will not only go over every single objective in Jorvik, but it will also provide some helpful tricks to make the journey as quick and efficient as possible.

The Welcoming Party

  • Travel To The Jorvik Docks
  • Search For Ljufvina

Upon making it to the docks, your objective will automatically change to “Search For Ljufvina.” You won’t find her yet, but you can progress by finding Grigorii near the docks who will give you directions.

  • Find Ljufvina’s House
  • Follow The Trail Of Conflict

The first clue is a pile of scrolls next to the dead body inside of the house. Head up the stairs and find signs of a struggle next to the window. Hop out of the window and you’ll see a broken barrel on the ground. Follow the blood to the right to reach the final clue on a dead soldier in the street.

Continue forward to trigger a cutscene.

  • Escort Ljufvina To The Royal Hall

This is actually a follow mission and not an escort mission, so keep up with Ljufvina while she walks. Because she’s friends with the guards, she’s more accurately escorting Eivor, and she’ll bail you out when you get into combat.

  • Walk With Hjorr
  • Speak With Ljufvina

Hjorr takes you over to the adjacent room where you’ll finish this quest with a cutscene.

Burning The Firebrand

  • Search Jorvik’s Archives

There is nothing to investigate here, but you’ll be given your next destination after looking at a piece of paper on a desk in the archives.

  • Explore The Rectory

The house you need to get into is locked up, so you’ll have to move the obstacle next to it and shoot the lock through the exposed window to gain entry.

The next house to try is right next door, but it’s sealed on all sides, so hop up on the roof and find a breakable entrance labeled with a yellow ‘X’ symbol.

  • Find And Confront The Bishop
  • Investigate The Bishop’s Quarters

After gaining access through another movable obstacle, investigate the rather large scrolls on the floor to your right. Head to the left and find a bloody cross on the rug. Turn left again and see a body, then move the body to reveal a letter and trigger a cutscene.

  • Infiltrate The Minster

Break the lock on a door through the back and exit to escape without bloodshed. To get inside the minster, climb up the roof of the building and you’ll find plenty of construction pieces to jump around on before arriving at an exposed circular window. Hop inside, go down the stairs, and into the main area for another cutscene.

  • Identify And Assassinate The Firebrand

Exit through the same way you came in. You will be only a few seconds away from the fast travel point. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, now is a good time. Use your bird to locate the abbess. Assassinate her and enjoy one of the more unhinged death scenes in the game.

  • Return To Ljufvina

Venture back to have some more dialogue and begin the next phase of the operation.

Pricking The Needle

  • Search The Trade Depot

Head to the roof of the trade depot and you’ll conveniently find all three things you need: a way in, a target to assassinate, and a pile of scrolls. There are also some fire jars up here to deal with the enemies down below since you’ll have to get past them for the rest of the clues. Go through the door and on your immediate left there will be some exotic rugs to investigate. The final piece of the puzzle is a written order on the desk in this same room.

  • Seek Out The Needle

It’s tempting to kill the guard with the key now, but it’s imperative that you don’t. You must overhear his plans, then wait for nighfall.

Talk to the merchant that has a child organizing the rugs behind him and you’ll get some more directions from the kid. Pick up a hidden key in a pile of bricks by the statue. Afterward, you should resume following the key guard to locate the hideout. When he enters a home, unlock the door and head down a ladder.

  • Explore The Sewers

After continuing along to an underground smelting area, you’ll finally get your chance to kill that guard and take his key. He’s conveniently standing right in front of the door you have to enter.

  • Confront The Needle At Coppergate Market

You’ll be trapped with two enemies and a wolf, so kill them and then proceed out of the new exit. It’s straightforward and will take you close to the Needle. A cutscene will trigger when you take a few steps in his direction.

  • Assassinate The Needle

Grigorii is an easy assassination as he walks right underneath several positions that you can strike from. There is no way to avoid open combat following this kill because he’s wandering around, but his guards shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. After you dispatch them, you’ll begin the next phase of the Jorvik questline.

Closing The Vault

  • Return To Ljufvina
  • Reach Jorvik’s Archives

  • Search The Archives

There are multiple points of interest, but you only need to investigate the letter and silver on Hjorr’s desk to progress to the secret area. Bust through a breakable wall and investigate the bottles in the back. A cutscene will trigger as you leave.

  • Reach The Yuletide Feast
  • Identify The Vault

Join Ljufvina and go to the Yuletide Feast. Accuse Audun at the feast. Sorry, but it’s impossible to save the guests.

  • Assassinate The Vault

Audun is a one-hit kill. His only defense is running back and forth across the stage. He does have a ton of guards to deal with, but don’t worry, there’s no scary boss fight here, they’re all standard goons.

  • Find And Regroup With Ljufvina

Your friends will have run off during the fracas and are inconveniently unmarked, but using your bird will help you track them down.

  • Speak To Ricsige At The Royal Hall

You’ve been traveling here fairly frequently, now do it again one final time.

Reporting On Jorvik

  • Report To Randvi

Tell Randvi about the newfound allies and you’re all done!

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