Avengers has exclusive content for Virgin and Verizon customers as well

Avengers has exclusive content for Virgin and Verizon customers as well

It’s not just Sony that has signed up exclusive deals for Marvel’s Avengers, as Intel and chewing gum brand 5 also get in on the action.

Spider-Man being exclusive to the PlayStation versions of Marvel’s Avengers may not have been the marketing coup Sony were hoping for, but it turns out they’re far from the only ones to offer deals for exclusive content.

The team-ups with non-gaming companies are much smaller scale, and mostly for differently coloured in-game skins, but it still makes it unlikely that everyone will get to see everything that’s made for the game.

Network providers Verizon and Virgin have arguably the most desirable exclusive in a complete set of skins for the entire initial line-up of superheroes. Or at least it would be desirable if the red and white design, which is the same for both companies, wasn’t so hideously ugly.

The set for Intel, though to be for their new KA CPUs, is a little better in that at least the Iron Man one with the big fan in his chest is kind of funny.

Finally, there’s chewing gum brand 5, which we’re not sure is even a thing in the UK, which is giving away some smaller items, including virtual currency, and an exclusive emote of Ms. Marvel blowing bubblegum, which to be honest is probably the best addition of the lot.

The leaks turned up on various threads on Reddit and since there’s no official announcement yet that there could well be more waiting to be revealed.

The 5 extras are available by buying packets of bubblegum, obviously, but it’s not yet clear how the others are obtained or when exactly they’ll be available.

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