Baldur's Gate 3 trailer confirms long-awaited sequel

Baldur's Gate 3 trailer confirms long-awaited sequel

It’s not surprising news, but welcome news nonetheless.

Days after a mysterious logo emerged on the website for video game developer Larian Studios, the Baldur’s Gate-keepers officially announced Baldur’s Gate III, the next installment of the franchise following 2000’s Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn, for PC and Google Stadia.

The teaser trailer, released on Thursday, is definitely gnarly: a knight shrieks in agony as his mortal form is pulverized and a more monstrous one takes his place.

It’s what Larian, the creators of Divinity: Original Sin 2, describe as “the malevolent presence” that returns to Baldur’s Gate, “intent on devouring it from the inside out, corrupting everything that remains in the Forgotten Realms. Alone you may resist, but together you can overcome.”

According to a press release, Baldur’s Gate III is “based off current D&D mechanics and spells,” and “will push the boundaries of the RPG genre and offer a rich narrative with unparalleled player freedom, high-stakes decisions, unique companion characters and memorable combat. It is Larian Studios’ biggest production ever and will be playable together with friends or as a single-player adventure.”

Google Stadia is Google’s upcoming streaming gaming service, which will launch in November.

The first Baldur’s Gate game, based on Dungeons & Dragons, was released in 1998 from original developer BioWare. Baldur’s Gate III: The Black Hound was once planned as the third installment for the franchise through publishers Interplay and Black Isle Studios, but was seemingly scrapped in 2003

Baldur’s Gate means so much to so many people. It’s a great responsibility but I think we’re ready for it,” Swen Vincke, Creative Director at Larian Studios, said in a statement. “We’re all about creating reactive, systemic worlds that respect player agency and having a chance to apply our team’s skill set in a universe as rich as Dungeons & Dragons is a lot of fun. We’re working very closely with Wizards to bring an unprecedented level of immersion to the realm of Faerun and I can’t wait to show the world what our team cooked up.”

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