Banned dating game helps you file your tax return while you flirt with cartoons

Banned dating game helps you file your tax return while you flirt with cartoons

Anyone who's ever filed a tax return can tell you how much of a boring, confusing, and difficult chore it can be.

That's why one group of artists decided to make tax returns more enjoyable—by turning the process into a flirty dating simulator game.

Tax Heaven 3000 is set to be released on April 4, just in time for Americans to file their 2022 income tax return.

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You can build a virtual relationship with Iris, a 'delightful girl-about-town who knows a lot about income taxes', and the software can even format and file your tax return with the data you give her.

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"But yes, in a larger sense TH3K is a symbolic gesture, given that it's not a universal solution. The game explicitly endorses breaking down the private enterprise stranglehold on a public function that TurboTax has."

Tax Heaven 3000 was sadly banned from the video games store Steam just half a day after its store page went online.

However, it will still be available as a direct download from April 4—so you'll be able to get to know Iris and file your taxes on time in style.

You can preorder Tax Heaven 3000 here


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