Batman Gotham Knights announcement teased for tomorrow with cryptic website

Batman Gotham Knights announcement teased for tomorrow with cryptic website

A cryptic new Twitter post and website point to an announcement related to the new Batman game before the weekend.

After what feels like years of hints, rumours, and speculation, we can finally expect to see the new Batman game, thought to be titled Gotham Knights, announced at the DC FanDome event this weekend.

Before then, though, it looks like we may get some new information as early as tomorrow, if the latest cryptic hints from Warner Bros. Montréal are anything to go by.

Earlier today, the developer’s official Twitter account posted a short clip of what appears to be a tracking grid, with blurry logos occasionally appearing in the middle of it.

This no doubt follows on from previous teases, which showed off various logos that are widely accepted to be connected to the Court of Owls, an antagonistic organisation that Batman has previously fought against in the comics.

The tweet links to another account with the same tweet and the handle of r3dakt3d. This will presumably be the official account for the game once it is announced.

An associated website reveals a message that reads ‘We have been expecting you 8/18’ and a countdown timer, both of which indicate that something is being revealed tomorrow on Tuesday 18 August.

Perhaps it will simply be a poster of some kind, similar to Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game, which is set to be announced at DC FanDome too.

GamesRadar’s Leon Hurley has also shared a tagged image from the r3dakt3d Instagram account, which looks to be an official logo for the game, though Hurley does admit that the image could be fan-made.

The official FaceBook page features an image of a blue R, though we can’t figure out what its significance is or what it could relate to.

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