Battlefield 2042 technical alpha gameplay video leaks online

Battlefield 2042 technical alpha gameplay video leaks online

The closed technical alpha for Battlefield 2042 has begun and footage of it has already been leaked all across the internet.

If you’re part of the closed alpha for Battlefield 2042 you’re not supposed to take any screenshots or leak any of the footage, but that was never going to stop anyone – even if it’s easy for EA to work out who it was.

The alpha started on Thursday and will continue until Sunday, August 15 but if you haven’t got an invite yet you’ve missed your chance, especially as there were only a few thousand places anyway.

Although EA has released official footage already, the videos give a better look at the game’s user interface and first person views, with everything looking very impressive.

We’ve embedded a couple of YouTube videos here, but EA are taking them down almost as soon as they show up, so they probably won’t last for long.

Rather than just being killjoys they’re likely worried that the game is currently quite buggy, given it is an alpha, and don’t want people to get the idea that the final version will be as well.

At this point there seems little chance of putting anyone off the game, with all the early hype, including the Exodus short film yesterday, being very positive.

A public demo, that everyone can take part in, is expected closer to the game’s release, so you needn’t worry if you missed the technical alpha and you still want to try before you buy.

Battlefield 2042 will officially launch on October 22 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

However, you can start playing it a week early, on October 15, if you buy the more expensive Gold or Ultimate Editions.

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