Bayonetta 3 – Chapter 7: Burning Sands Walkthrough

Bayonetta 3 – Chapter 7: Burning Sands Walkthrough

Bayonetta 3 brings a new threat for all the existence across the Multiverse in the form of Singularity, an enemy hell-bent on destroying everything and everyone. Armed with her pistols and aided by numerous allies, it's the Umbran Witch duty to solve this problem.

This time, the journey will take the hot-headed Viola and her demon Cheshire into Cairo, an abandoned and desertic place in ruins, with a lot of treasures and temples. Here's all you need to know about it.

Verse #1

As soon as the chapter begins, you will have to fight on this verse against some Stratus and Pannus. Try to kill the Pannus before it divides into more enemies, and move on.

  • Enemies: Pannus, Stratus

Verse #2

Once you're done with Verse #1, continue and climb up some steps until you see the purple portal to your left. During this challenge, you'll have to fight against an Asperatus to gather enough combo points before the time runs out. Succeed on this, and you will obtain a Broken Moon Pearl as a reward.

  • Enemies: Asperatus

Verse #3

Keep running forward until you find a tight route that ends on a multiversal portal, and that will take you to Ginnungagap, where this verse will spawn some Genitus, Humilis, and Stratus. Kill the Genituses first so they don't spawn more Stratus, and continue forward.

  • Enemies: Genitus, Humilis, Stratus

Verse #4

After a long sequence in the desert of Cairo, Viola will reunite with Cheshire and have to fight against some Tubas, until she faints out of exhaustion. Keep your eyes on these ghoulish worms that will attack you from the underground, and after you're done with this, a cutscene will play.

  • Enemies: Tuba

Verse #5

Now in control of Cheshire, you must run forward until you reach an open area and dig enough times until you find water and Viola can regain her conscience. During this verse, you will have to kill several enemies using Cheshire's controls.

  • Enemies: Cavum, Uncinus, Stratus,

Verse #6

Now in control of Viola, if you look back from where you entered this small oasis with Cheshire, you will see a second entrance route that goes to the left. Go through it, until you reach an open area where a Verse will trigger, where you'll have to fight against this Virga.

  • Enemies: Virga

Verse #7

Keep moving after Virga's fight, and you will reach a new open area with a temple and a golden portal. Reach it to trigger this verse, and some Paradiso Acceptances will come to fight you. Dispatch these lances quickly and go back to the oasis.

  • Enemies: Acceptance

Verse #8

Now, if instead of going back through the left entrance you continue in the direction of the right side of the oasis, you will find a portal to the Gates Of Hell, and also a huge quicksand river with several platforms in it and some elevated sand cascades. Climb up the platforms beside the sand cascades, and you will reach the top, where this purple portal will be waiting. During this challenge, you'll have to defeat multiple waves of enemies before the time runs out. Succeed on this, and you will obtain a Broken Witch Heart as a reward.

  • Enemies: Lacunosus, Nebulosus, Pannus

Verse #9

As soon as you leave the quicksand river area, this fight will trigger. Here you'll have to fight a Floccus, a Fractus, and several Stratus, which at this point is hardly a challenge. Dispatch them and progress until you reach the temple.

  • Enemies: Floccus, Fractus, Stratus

Verse #10

Once you reach the temple, you will have to face several enemies that mean very little, since they're just the appetizer for the next big fight.

  • Enemies: Stratus, Nebulosus, Lacunosus

Verse #11

After a cutscene revealing its true identity, it is time to fight Strider once again. This fight will be pretty similar to the one you already had, but it will serve as a tutorial for Viola's powered-up Faerie form. Once you're done with it, another cutscene will mark the end of this chapter.

  • Enemies: Strider


In each chapter, there are five objectives called Bewitchments, and they vary from chapter to chapter. These can involve fulfilling certain conditions like developing perfectly in combat, destroying particular objects in the background, or just finding particular secrets.

#1 – Touch a Cheshire mirage 3 times while wandering the desertDuring the sequence where Viola walks through the desert, interact with at least 3 Cheshire mirages.
#2 – Dig up all of the buried treasure while riding CheshireWhen you ride Cheshire and walk through the desert, his tail will wiggle until a prompt icon shows up telling you to dig. Do this until the bewitchment shows up.
#3 – Stare at the mural of Enzo for 3 secondsIn the Temple that's located in the area after Verse #6, balance the scales to open the temple. Inside, there will be a mural with a familiar character in it.
#4 – Cross the quicksand river without falling inDo not fall into quicksand while traveling through the quicksand river
#5 – Defeat 3 Uncinus that appear from quicksandJust kill 3 Uncinus in the quicksand river area.

Umbran Tears Of Blood

Across every chapter, you will find three animals called Umbran Tears Of Blood. Collecting the three of them in each chapter will unlock its alternative version, with new challenges and rewards.

Umbran CatThe Cat will be found in the first quicksand open area right after regaining control of Viola. You must avoid/kill the enemies and the cat will be waiting on the middle platform.
Umbran FrogFrom where you've seen the cat, look to your right and you will see several sand cascades. Behind the one on the left, you will find the Frog.
Umbran CrowOnce you defeat Verse #6, keep going and you'll inevitably find this Umbran crow.

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