Beyond Skyrim Mod Team Presents First Look At The Black Marsh

Beyond Skyrim Mod Team Presents First Look At The Black Marsh

The Beyond Skyrim mod team recently published its latest development diary on its massive project, and gave us a first look at the Tamriel province of Black Marsh. The video diary showcases about six minutes of exceptional modding work the team has completed so far for Black Marsh, including landscape, creatures, buildings, and character armors. You can find the video on the Beyond Skyrim YouTube channel.

The Beyond Skyrim project is a group endeavor consisting of several modding teams for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim open-world RPG. The enormous project aims to create the provinces of Tamriel that exist beyond the borders of Skyrim, and mesh them all together into a single gargantuan gaming experience. So far, the Beyond Skyrim team have started and extensively worked on the provinces of Cyrodiil, Atmora, Roscrea, Morrowind, Iliac Bay, Elsweyr, and Black Marsh.

The Black Marsh video presents the latest look at the work-in-progress locations under development in the Skyrim: Special Edition engine. The Black Marsh is considered to be the roots of the world of Tamriel, and is also known as Argonia, home of the reptilian Argonians. The video flies us through numerous vibrant marsh areas, along coastal beaches, and through just a few of the many villages, and towns established within the Black Marsh. Also shown are a few of the armor styles currently in concept development, including some Kothringi (“Lustrous Folk”, the indigenous people of Argonia) which may be found in many of the scattered ruins within the Black Marsh.

Plentiful plantations and dense city-states exist in the Black Marsh, each with their own unique architecture. Gideon, one of Argonia’s largest cities, and which lies close to Cyrodiil, is featured in the video, presenting its mix of Argonian and Imperial architecture. The round mud-like houses of Knahaten culture are also highlighted, whose architecture and construction methods are older than almost any others known in Tamriel.

A few of Black Marsh’s creatures are also displayed, with attention given to conceptual art images of a few creatures seemingly being introduced to The Elder Scrolls fauna in this mod. Included are the sea drake, the floating swamp jelly, and a large reptilian land beast capable of using magical lightning to defend itself.

With work on Black Marsh expanding, the Beyond Skyrim team is actively recruiting people skilled in voice acting, 2D and 3D art, level and sound design, and in writing and scripting. More info on this, Black Marsh, and the other provinces currently under WIP can be found on the Beyond Skyrim website and the project’s Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and YouTube channels.

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