Bloodborne: How To Meet Patches The Spider & Complete His Questline

Bloodborne: How To Meet Patches The Spider & Complete His Questline

Even though Demon’s Soul, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne don’t take place in the same universe (and aren’t even technically part of the same franchise,) FromSoftware has enough commonalities between their games where it’s impossible not to draw connections to one another. This goes double in the case of FromSoft staple Patches, who has been appearing in Souls games since Demon’s Souls back on the PS3.

Although nowhere near as prominent as his roles in Dark Souls, Patches does appear in Bloodborne – this time as the illusive spider. Patches is still up to his old tricks of course, always looking to trick players for his own gain, but there’s usually good reason to seek Patches out. Bloodborne is no stranger in that regard, but Patches the Spider doesn’t exactly share the same charm as his Hyena counterpart.

The First Encounter

There’s one very important detail to keep in mind about Patches in Bloodborne: he is a literal spider. Patches’ name usually alludes to his character, but Bloodborne features him as a Nightmare Apostle – one of the spider-like creatures that lurk in Mergo’s Loft. Patches will only appear in Yharnam after night settles in (accomplished by defeating Vicar Amelia.)

Once Vicar Amelia has been killed, enter the Forbidden Woods at least once, but don’t complete the stage. Patches will now replace any NPCs who are still at their Red Lanterns in Yharnam. Patches will be friendly enough, handing players a Tonsil Stone and advising them to see “something grand” to the right of Grand Cathedral.

If players follow Patches’ instruction, an invisible Amygdala will appear and transport them to the Lecture Building. In typical Patches fashion, “something grand” was little more than a ruse played on the player. That said, the Lecture Building is exactly where we need to go next.

The Lecture Building

Once inside the Lecture Building, you can find Patches hiding behind a window. Obscuring his spider body to the player, Patches will act like letting a Lesser Amygdala whisk the Hunter away was a kindness – ensuring that they player has now been privy to a miracle they’ll never forget.

In reality, Patches is a worshipper of Amygdala and fully intends for you to get yourself killed when crossing the Nightmare Frontier. Make sure to speak to find and speak to Patches in the Lecture Hall before heading over to the Nightmare Frontier, otherwise the next part of his questline won’t trigger.

Patches is stationed behind a locked door on the first floor right by the Lecture Building’s Lantern. So long as Patches was spoken to after night fell, players should have the key to unlock the door and speak to him. Once their talk is over, enter the Nightmare Frontier and track down Patches one more time.

The Nightmare Frontier

Unlike the first two encounters, Patches can’t actually be spoken to in the Nightmare Frontier. It’s here where he makes his allegiances clear, actively trying to kill the player seemingly in the name of Amygdala. Patches will set a trail of Shining Coins for the player that lead to a Coldblood Flowerbud.

If players approach these items, Patches will jump out from behind a rock and shove them down into the poison swamp down below. It’s possible to shoot Patches from afar, but for the sake of the questline, make sure not to kill him. After dealing with the poison swamp, finish the Nightmare Frontier and kill Amygdala.

Before returning to the Lecture Hall, however, make sure that the One Reborn (in Yahar’gul the Unseen Village has already been killed. Their death gives players access to the second floor of the Lecture Hall where Patches can actually be confronted face to face. If Amygdala has been killed, Patches will have unique dialogue hinting at their relationship. In typical Souls form, he’ll also beg for forgiveness. Patches will also teach the Beg For Life Gesture and hand over the Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis Rune as peace offerings.

Patches In The Chalice Dungeon

With Amygdala dead and Patches’ questline ostensibly over, he’ll depart from Yharnam and stop being an interactable NPC – outside of Chalice Dungeons, that is. Patches can still appear in Bloodborne, but he’s now locked to rare spawns inside of Chalice Dungeons. Now the Hunter’s “friend,” Patches will sell his wares much like he did in Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls.

Unlike in other Souls games, however, Patches’ shop in Bloodborne is extremely expensive and only sells items you can comfortably get at the Hunter’s Dream. While frustrating, this is done to keep Chalice Dungeon balancing intact. Patches offers a surprise opportunity to restock on valuable items; but this being a Chalice Dungeon (intentionally harder than the main game,) it stands to reason that anything Patches sells should be expensive.

When it comes down to it, though, the randomness associated with Patches inside of Chalice Dungeons means that the average player likely won’t find him again after completing the questline. It’s a pity, but Patches doesn’t offer anything valuable after grabbing his Rune and Gesture.

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