Bravely Default 2: How To Unlock The Salve-Maker Optional Job

Bravely Default 2: How To Unlock The Salve-Maker Optional Job

There are lots of jobs to choose between when it comes to Bravely Default 2, so you can pick and choose the best roles for your characters and create a powerhouse party. However, many players don’t realize that there are some optional job asterisks available by completing various side quests, and the Salve-Maker Job is one of these.

The Salve-Maker job can combine items to utilize them in battle with varying effects from offensive to defensive, as well as being able to analyze the enemy’s weaknesses. For everything you need to know about obtaining the Salve-Maker asterisk, we’ve got a complete guide right here.

How to Unlock the Salve-Maker Asterisk

In order to obtain the Salve-Maker asterisk, you will first need to complete the side quest “In Dreams”, which involves a short fetch event and then a battle. This quest is available from the beginning of Chapter Three and is found in the small village of Enderno. This is not one of the main cities you visit and can be found close to Rimedhal, in the location shown above. It’s easy to spot as initially, Truff will be just outside of the village offering his own sidequest.

Once inside Enderno, you need to head to the Mayor’s House, which is the largest house at the top right of the village. After you enter, a conversation will immediately begin that will end in the offering of the “In Dreams” side quest.

In Dreams Walkthrough

After the short cutscene, you will be tasked with obtaining some Luneclover for Glenn. Head to the northernmost point of Enderno to enter a new area where you can find the Luneclover. There are enemies in this area and the blizzard will make your movement slow at times, so watch out for enemies attacking you from behind. Just follow the quest marker to find the Luneclover.

Once you have the Luneclover, head back to Glenn and give it to him. You’ll then volunteer to enter the dreamland to save Glenn’s brother, Glynn. You will receive a warning at this point that you will be unable to return to the main game for a little while once you have entered dreamland.

Make sure you prepare for a battle before entering, ensuring all of your party members are healed up and will full MP, have decent jobs equipped, and that you have a healthy stock of medicine items.

After you enter the dreamland, a short cutscene will play before you are thrown into battle with a dream version of Glenn, giving you first-hand experience of the Salve-Maker job. This battle will likely be a challenge to most, so don’t go all out and ensure you have someone capable of healing every round as needed.

Glenn is weak to Lightning, Daggers, and Spears, but he has a lot of counter moves, so be careful about maxing out Bravely as he’ll likely kill your character or inflict status ailments that will stop them before they can pull off all four attacks anyway. It’s better to play it safe. If you’ve already traveled to Rimedhal, you should have Gwilym accompanying you, so he will deal some extra damage on your behalf.

Once Glenn is defeated, another short cutscene will play in dreamland before you are returned to the real world. Another cutscene will play, and then you will be rewarded with the Salve-Maker asterisk.

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