BTS Producer DJ Swivel Shares Inspirations Behind Dead By Daylight’s K-Pop Killer

BTS Producer DJ Swivel Shares Inspirations Behind Dead By Daylight’s K-Pop Killer

Last week, Dead By Daylight brought us the K-Pop killer, Ji-Woon Hak. The killer, also called The Trickster, has been influenced by real K-Pop groups in the industry. Today, BTS producer DJ Swivel explained the inspiration behind the K-Pop killer.

DJ Swivel, or Jordan Young, has been in the music industry for a while and has worked with BTS for the past four years. Throughout his time in the music industry, DJ Swivel has also collaborated with artists such as Kanye West and Beyonce. He’s no stranger to working with popular artists and was the best choice to help with the K-Pop Killer for Dead By Daylight.

The basic inspiration behind the K-Pop killer was the high energy that is often seen throughout the genre. More often than not, K-Pop has an energetic vibe, with fast-paced and upbeat music. DJ Swivel wanted this to come out in Dead By Daylight. The Trickster is definitely high energy, with an anime-like cinematic trailer showing off the killer at a concert. Fashion is also essential to K-Pop, and The Trickster is no exception.

In addition to a new killer, we also have a new survivor, Yun-Jin Lee. Lee is the ex-producer of Ji-Woon, and she is just as fashionable. Be sure to check out the full video of the interview with DJ Swivel on Twitter!

The release of this new killer was part of the All-Kill Chapter. In the K-Pop music industry, an all-kill refers to a song that tops every chart in South Korea. For obvious reasons, this translates well to a game about killers. DJ Swivel used his knowledge of the music industry to create an accurate, yet creepy, representation of a K-Pop killer.

This isn’t the first time that K-Pop has made its way into video games. Recently, the girl group Twice collaborated with Nintendo. BTS has collaborated with MapleStory and Fortnite in the past as well. To those living in Western countries, K-Pop is unique and intriguing, which makes for great additions to video games.

You can grab the All-Kill Chapter for just $6.99 on all platforms, so be sure to buy it if you haven’t had the chance to experience the K-Pop killer yet!

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