Cafe, Museum Upgrades, Fence Customization And More Found In Animal Crossing Data Mine

Cafe, Museum Upgrades, Fence Customization And More Found In Animal Crossing Data Mine

Despite being met with overwhelming praise last March, Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans were disappointed that among the various things we can get up to on the island, chilling in a cafe wasn’t one of them. Well, sure, we can make our own, but it just isn’t the same without series staple Brewster, who has worked in the Roost since Animal Crossing: Wild World.

But that’s all set to change, as Animal Crossing data miners find code in the latest update that suggests he’s making a return.

The most obvious sign that he’s back is the new line of code, “cCafe”, as well as another part ofncamera permeators in a potential cafe. On top of that, while data on Brewster has actually been in the game for a while now, the code attached to him has been modified in the update. Fans have been waiting to return to the Roost since last year, when players found dialogue in the game mentioning Brewster, specifically stating that a villager bought too much coffee from him. Taking all of this together, it appears that Nintendo is at least gearing up for Brewster’s return.

Elsewhere, data miners found a modified line of code that added with a new section titled “MuseumLevel”, suggesting a new exhibition is coming to Animal Crossing. It’s unknown what this could be, as with last year’s artwork update we now have all the exhibitions from previous games. However, in Wild World and Let’s Go To The City/City Folk, you’ll remember that Brewster’s cafe was actually part of the museum. With him returning, it stands to reason he could reunited with his old friend Blathers.

Finally in the game’s code is “mRemakeFence” and “mRemakeFenceScale”, giving creative island-dwellers hope they will be able to customise the various fences you can craft in game. This could involve changing both the colour and the height, making our islands even more unique.

The finding were shared by data miners on, and reveal multiple aspects of the latest May update. On top of the bigger changes, we can also expect more villager dialogue, more items, and a return of all events from last spring.

The main focus of the May 1.10 update was to gear the game up for any events in the next three months. Unlike previous titles, events are not in the game from purchase, meaning you can’t time travel ahead to get to any new ones. This means fans can take regular peaks into the content of the updates, and see what Nintendo has in store for the near future.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released last March, and is available on Nintendo Switch.

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