Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Weapon Platforms Guide

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Weapon Platforms Guide

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) overhauled how weapon progression works in multiplayer. In previous titles, you needed to level a weapon multiple times to unlock the same attachments as other weapons. And if you were someone who wanted to convert their favorite SMG into an LMG, you were at the mercy of ammo conversions and niche, sometimes suboptimal attachments.

That's now a thing of the past. Meet weapon platforms, MW2's new weapon progression system. Most weapons in MW2 have archetype variants that convert the weapon from an AR to an SMG, pump-action shotgun to a magazine-fed shotgun, etc. This guide will cover what weapon platforms are, how they work, and we'll showcase how to unlock every weapon in MW2—including those found in the weapon platform system.

What Are Weapon Platforms?

Every weapon in Modern Warfare 2 is tied to a weapon platform, a sort of family tree that shares attachments and a core progression system. For example, Modern Warfare 2 has the M4 platform which contains five unique weapons, ranging from the classic M4 assault rifle to the 556 Icarus LMG conversion of the M4. All of these M4 weapons have a series of attachments you can unlock for all of your weapons, including weapons outside that M4 platform. This effectively means that once you unlock an attachment, you own it forever on all weapons.

By default, you'll unlock the base weapon platform, containing one weapon type. Using this weapon will unlock attachments and, eventually, unlock an entirely new weapon. Consider this weapon to be a new progression branch, unlocking a new suite of attachments and even more weapons tied to the platform.

Overall, weapon platforms serve as progression trees that grant receiver conversions for certain weapons. If you want to use an SMG variant of the M4, you use the FSS Hurricane that's part of the M4 platform. If you want to convert that same M4 into an LMG, unlock and use the 556 Icarus.

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Unlocking New Weapons And Attachments

As with most Call of Duty titles, you'll unlock a few weapons by leveling your account. However, once you unlock a weapon platform, you'll need to use weapons in that platform to unlock attachments and other weapon variants. That might seem strange coming from past Call of Duty titles, but this system is much more intuitive in practice than one might expect.

For example, let's take the M4 platform you unlock immediately. This platform consists of five weapons:

  • M4: Unlocked by default.
  • FTAC Recon: A battle rifle variant of the M4 that's unlocked by reaching rank 13 with the M4.
  • 556 Icarus: An LMG variant of the M4 that's unlocked by reaching rank 16 with the M4.
  • M16: A burst-fire variant of the M4 that's unlocked by reaching rank 13 with the 556 Icarus.
  • FSS Hurricane: An SMG variant of the M4 that's unlocked by reaching rank 13 with the FTAC Recon.

As you can see, you'll start with the M4 and unlock new attachments as you play. With enough XP, you'll eventually unlock the 556 Icarus LMG and FTAC Recon battle rifle. Using either weapon to rank 13 will unlock yet another weapon tied to the platform. Leveling all weapons will unlock dozens of attachments for all of your weapons.

You can view your current weapon platform progress through the loadout menu. Before entering the Gunsmith, press the weapon progression key ('V' on PC, 'Back Button' for controller users) to view the platform's tree and associated attachments.

Unlike past CoD titles, attachments in this game are tied to your account, not the gun itself. Unlocking a particular foregrip will unlock that same foregrip for every compatible weapon, even if the gun is from a different platform. This is why we highly recommend you level every gun to max rank. Doing so will maximize your Gunsmith options.

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How To Unlock Every Weapon In Modern Warfare 2

You'll unlock quite a few weapons simply by leveling up in multiplayer, yet some of MW2's best weapons are locked behind weapon platforms. All weapon unlock requirements can be found below.

Unlocks By Level

The M4, Vel 46, Bryson 800, Sakin MG38, EBR-14, and MCPR-300 are unlocked by default.

WeaponRank Requirement (Account)
PDSW 528Rank 5
SP-R 208Rank 7
Expedite 12Rank 9
.50 GSRank 13
Stela-PRank 14
Lachmann-762Rank 16
Combat KnifeRank 17
TAQ-56Rank 19
Kastov 762Rank 23
JOKRRank 24
RAAL MGRank 25
Lockwood MK2Rank 28
X12Rank 31
RPG-7Rank 32
Lockwood 300Rank 36
Riot ShieldRank 37
Fennec 45Rank 38
BasiliskRank 39
STB 556Rank 41
Signal 50Rank 44

M4 Platform

WeaponUnlock Requirement
FTAC ReconM4 – Level 13
556 IcarusM4 – Level 16
M16556 Icarus – Level 13
FSS HurricaneFTAC Recon – Level 13

Tactique Verte Platform

WeaponUnlock Requirement
TAQ-56Account – Rank 19
TAQ-VTAQ-56 – Level 11
TAQ-MTAQ-56 – Level 20

Kastovia Platform

WeaponUnlock Requirement
Kastov 762Account – Rank 23
Kastov 545Kastov 762 – Level 11
RPKKastov 762 – Level 16
Kastov-74uKastov 545 – Level 13
Vaznev-9kKastov-74u – Level 15
MinibakVaznev-9k – Level 14

Lachmaan & Meer Platform

WeaponUnlock Requirement
Lachmann-762Account – Rank 16
Lachmann-556Lachmann-762 – Level 13
LM-SLachmann-762 – Level 17
Lachmann SubLachmann-556 – Level 12
RAPP HLachmann-556 – Level 16

Bruen Bullpup Platform

WeaponUnlock Requirement
STB 556Account – Rank 41
MX9STB 556 – Level 13
HCR 56STB 556 – Level 20

Ordnance Weapon Platform

WeaponUnlock Requirement
SO-14EBR-14 – Level 12

Bryson 800 Series Platform

WeaponUnlock Requirement
Bryson 800N/A
Bryson 890Bryson 800 – Level 16

Bryson Long Rifle Platform

WeaponUnlock Requirement
SP-R 208Account – Rank 7
SA-B 50SP-R 208 – Level 13
LA-B 330SA-B 50 – Level 16
SP-X 80LA-B 330 – Level 17

XRK Platform

WeaponUnlock Requirement
X12Account – Rank 31
X13 AutoX12 – Level 10

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