Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: COD Warzone patch news for PS4 and Xbox

Call of Duty Modern Warfare update: COD Warzone patch news for PS4 and Xbox

This weekend saw a huge Call of Duty Modern Warfare update land on Xbox One, with the equivalent patch a much smaller size on PS4 and PC. Developers Infinity Ward explained that this was down to an issue with Microsoft’s patch delivery process and didn’t actually increase the size of the game by a further 60GB. However, it wasn’t the best thing to wake up to on the weekend and fans won’t be looking for another chunky download this week.

The good news is that while a new Call of Duty Modern Warfare update is expected to land soon, it probably won’t be so big.

A new weekly playlist change for MW and COD Warzone is expected to land, replacing the Mini Battle Royale and Buy-Back Solos.

Other changes are also expected in Modern Warfare, replacing some of the current playlists and game modes, although it’s unclear if there are any big content changes being worked on for the rest of August.

Activision is expected to announce its plans for this week in a new blog post, as well as confirming if any new weapons or modes are being added to the game.

This could be shared later today before any new patch is released across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

If Infinity Ward sticks to its normal schedule, we would expect the next Call of Duty update to arrive on Tuesday, August 18, 2020.

If the patch is released late, then it won’t be available to download in the UK until around 7am BST, the following day.

When it comes to new content promised for Warzone Season 5, we know that a new King Slayer mode will be released at some point.

New weapons have also been promised, as well as a mid-season event and a new operator to unlock.

However, it might be a little early for some of this stuff to arrive, and it could be weeks for the mid-season event to kick off.

Here are some of the most recent modes that have been added to Modern Warfare and Warzone in recent weeks:

Bare Bones: Ready to focus on pure, unadulterated combat? Then try out Bare Bones; a rotation of TDM, Domination, HQ, Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed with the same rulesets as before, albeit with one important distinction: There are no Killstreaks, no Field Upgrades, and no perks.

Search and Destroy Double Down: This variant game mode features elements from the classic Search and Destroy; where one team must plant a demolition charge on an enemy weapons cache. Except this time the stakes are higher as the scale is bigger; this is a 12v12, not the usual 6v6. Expect tactics and chaos!

Mini Royale: This condenses the craziest parts of the main Battle Royale mode into faster-paced chunks of chaotic and almost constant combat. Mini Royale lowers the number of Operators sent into Verdansk but quickens the BR experience: Only the first and last five minutes of a normal BR game exist meaning rapid deployment, constant movement, and high-kill strategies are set to yield victories that are both short and sweet.

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