Capcom Fighting Collection: Red Earth Beginner Tips

Capcom Fighting Collection: Red Earth Beginner Tips

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  • Red Earth Is All About The Grind
  • Save Passwords To Maintain Your Level In The Next Playthrough
  • There Is No Super Meter
  • Pursuit Attacks Are Essential
  • Use Super Jumps To Cross-Up Large Bosses
  • Use Ultimate Guards To Deflect Enemy Pressure

Capcom Fighting Collection gives a considerable deal of attention to games that feel lost in the annals of time. For instance, one of its featured titles, Red Earth (or Warzard in Japan), is getting its first console port since launching in arcades in 1996.

If you grew up enjoying RPGs and 2D fighters, we recommend trying Red Earth! Learning the game is straightforward if you're familiar with Capcom's six-button fighting game control scheme. However, Red Earth's deep progression cycle will have you playing again and again.

Red Earth Is All About The Grind

Red Earth stands out among its fighting game peers because it focuses on the single-player experience. In the Quest Mode, your character faces off against a string of progressively more challenging boss creatures. So naturally, you'll find yourself using up continues with such formidable opponents to defeat, especially in your first playthrough.

However, this difficulty scale is intentional because Red Earth is also an RPG. Therefore, your character will level up as you progress through the game. Higher levels come with more potent weapons, elemental resistances, and unlockable special attacks! These enhancements will make your character more substantial in your next playthrough.

However, building a top-tier character is not the only reason to replay Red Earth's arcade mode. Each character has multiple endings. Some of these endings change based on the player's choices during the game. Other endings require reaching gameplay objectives, such as beating the game with no continues.

Therefore, whether you wish to build a character that dominates in competitive play or fulfill your completionist desires, Red Earth is worth putting in the time to master.

Save Passwords To Maintain Your Level In The Next Playthrough

It's crucial to note that Red Earth does not save your character's level after a playthrough. After all, this is an arcade game. Therefore, you need to input a password when selecting your character to resume at their current level.

Passwords appear during two instances. The first and more common instance is on the continue screen after losing a battle. Furthermore, the second instance is during the ending scene after beating the game. On the continue screen, the password will appear in large gold numbers on the left side of the screen. However, after beating the game, the password appears in much smaller numbers in the screen's upper-left corner.

So, how do you input your password? First, after selecting your character, select Yes when the game asks for a password. Then, you will enter your password using your controller. Still, since Red Earth does not contain a number pad, you must enter each number based on the following key:

Light Punch1
Medium Punch2
Heavy Punch3
Light Kick4
Medium Kick5
Heavy Kick6

If the password you entered is correct, you'll see a message saying OK. But, if your password is invalid, you'll see a message saying NG (No Good). You only get one chance to enter the password, so make sure you enter it right the first time.

Back in the nineties, players likely had to scribble down passwords with a pen and paper ardently. However, this is the twenty-first century. Therefore, we recommend using your console or PC's screenshot feature to quickly and accurately save your password.

Suppose you don't feel like going through the hassle of improving your character. In this case, you can change the Level option in the EX Settings to Level 32 (All Moves Learned). Luckily, this option is preset to Level 32 for Ranked and Casual online matches, keeping everyone on a level playing field. However, you can set this value back to Level 1 for Custom lobbies.

There Is No Super Meter

One of the first things you'll notice when playing Red Earth is that there is no meter for super combos. On the contrary, the player must acquire a Mystic Orb to perform these moves. You can gain these orbs by opening treasure chests (crouch down in front of the chest) during battle. Players can equip a maximum of three orbs and switch between them with the Start button. If a player has three orbs equipped, any sequential orbs found get converted to 1,000 EXP.

There are two attacks you can perform with a mystic orb. Mystic Force sends a barrage of projectiles toward your enemy. The elemental properties of these attacks changed based on the orb used. Mystic Combos are your character's unique super combos. The element of the mystic orb does not affect mystic combos.

Pursuit Attacks Are Essential

The enemies you encounter in Red Earth are ferocious! Therefore, when you find an opening to attack, you'll want to make the most of it. One easy way to lay down extra damage is using pursuit attacks. Pursuit Attacks (⬆️+Kick) are pouncing offensive moves targeting knocked-down fighters.

Performing an effective pursuit attack requires fast reflexes. After knocking down an opponent, it will take about a second or two for them to get up. In this short period, you need to perform the attack immediately. If the opponent starts to rise before the attack reaches them, it will not land. Furthermore, while reasonably straightforward, whiffing a pursuit attack can open you to enemy punishment.

Use Super Jumps To Cross-Up Large Bosses

Plenty of fighting games have super jumps. For instance, Street Fighter 3: New Generation, another game that used the CPS-3 arcade hardware, featured super jumps. Furthermore, super jumps are a fundamental gameplay mechanic in other series, like Marvel Vs. Capcom. However, super jumps play an increasingly significant role in Red Earth.

In case you didn't notice, some of the bosses in Red Earth, Hauzer in particular, are massive. These oversized opponents are tough to avoid. However, using the super jump mechanic can help you cross-up gigantic opponents.

Furthermore, both bonus stages require an understanding of the bonus jump. For instance, the first bonus stage requires super jumps to attack the top part of the statue. Additionally, the second bonus stage has a third head that must get destroyed on each side. However, you cannot reach these top-tiered heads without super jumping.

Still, while super jumping is beneficial, it should get used with discretion. Using the technique too liberally can open you to anti-air attacks and punishment from air-bound foes like Lavia.

Use Ultimate Guards To Deflect Enemy Pressure

Ultimate Guards (Punch+Kick) are a tricky move to learn in Red Earth. Still, mastering them is a significant key to victory. This defensive measure performs a perfect guard from opponent attacks that can get canceled into an Ultimate Counter (⬅️↙️⬇️+Punch), thus turning the tide of battle.

The best way to learn Ultimate Guards is through Training Mode. For instance, we practiced Ultimate Guards against the first-stage boss, Hauzer. First, set the Dummy Action to CPU in the Training Menu. Then, right before the enemy lands an attack, input the guard command.

If your guard is successful, your character will shield themselves against the enemy's combo without incurring damage. While your character is guarding, input the Ultimate Counter command to interrupt your foe's attack string and put them on the defensive.

However, if your guard is unsuccessful, your character will become winded for a short period, opening them up to attack. Therefore, we recommend conservatively using this mechanic outside of training until you are comfortable with it.

Are you having trouble performing Ultimate Guards? You can map the command to a single button in the Controller Settings.

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