Card Shark From Reigns Dev Is All About Cheating And Getting Away With It

Card Shark From Reigns Dev Is All About Cheating And Getting Away With It

During Nintendo’s Indie World stream, the company showed Card Shark, the latest game from the maker of Reigns. This time the game is all about cheating, and you may learn a few dubious real-life card tricks along the way.

Card Shark is set in 18th century France, and you move your way from the Parlour to the King’s Table as you build up your winnings for higher-stakes matches. To move your way up, though, you’ll need to cheat. In fact, everyone cheats, and your task is to do it without getting caught.

The brief trailer explained that the game will actually show real card tricks and manipulations, in case you want to show off for your friends (or cheat them out of their money).

Card Shark is coming in 2021.

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