Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny Is A Doom Total Conversion Mod That Looks Incredible

Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny Is A Doom Total Conversion Mod That Looks Incredible

Then you might get something as cool as Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny, a Doom total conversion mod that recreates everything you loved from Castlevania in a first-person shooter.

Originally released in 2017 by Andrea Gori, Castlevania: Simon’s Story has been iteratively improved until the final 1.4 release two years ago. It’s made in the GZDoom engine, which is required to play, but there’s no need to own the original Doom. Simon’s Destiny is a completely standalone product.

What you get is basically everything you loved about Castlevania but in 3D. There’s zombies, skeletons, bats, disembodied Medusa heads, dark knights, and other monsters for Simon to destroy using his trademark whip, but there’s also a whole bunch of ranged weapons to find as well. Throwing knives give Simon excellent long-range firepower while throwing axes are more suited to enemies that are on a neighboring ledge.

And just as in the original, there’s a ton of platforming in Simon’s Destiny. Don’t expect this game to play like any other Doom conversion where you just run around spraying bullets at demons. some strategy and exploration will be required here.

Installation of Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny is relatively simple. First, download and install GZDoom, and then extract Simon’s Destiny into the mod folder. Then place Castlevania.ipk3 in the same folder, open GZDoom, and select OpenGL or Vulkan as your renderer. Then select Castlevania as the base IWAD and start the game.

This might be your only chance to get some new Castlevania action for a while. Although Konami has since confirmed that the dissolution of their games production teams was mere corporate restructuring and not the cessation of their entire games division, this sort of doesn’t usually make games come any faster. Not that Konami had any big Castlevania news to share.

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