Celebrate Mario’s 35th Anniversary With Two Cool Nintendo Switch Controllers

Celebrate Mario’s 35th Anniversary With Two Cool Nintendo Switch Controllers

Nintendo is pulling out all the stops for their big guy’s 35th anniversary, including two new controllers.

Mario Mario and his franchise are about to turn 35 years old, and Nintendo is giving him the royal treatment. Mario made his debut back in September on 1985 on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with Super Mario Bros.. Since then Mario has gone to space, the tropics, driven his car through volcanoes, and racked up a huge posse—but still can’t seem to keep his nemesis from stealing his girl. There have been a lot of rumors about exactly what Nintendo will do for its most popular franchise’s jade anniversary and a mysterious Twitter account but so far there have been LEGO sets and board game releases created with the world’s most famous plumber’s likeness. It has been confirmed that two new products are on the way, and they are branded masterpieces.

Two new controllers will be coming to the Switch and they literally have Mario written all over them. The controllers come in two sizes, each with its own distinct design. The standard sized controller, designed by PowerA, is a vibrant red and gold little number, with a big M created out of famous Super Mario Bros. iconography like power-up mushrooms, pow boxes, and bricks. This controller sports the classic ergonomic design of the wired controllers already on the market, as well as the headphone jack and detachable cable. The smaller version, the Horipad Mini from HORI, has everything Switch players need to navigate their games in a convenient little package. The design of this little number is much less conceptual and more in your face, with Mario and Bowser welcoming gamers to the Mushroom Kingdom. This mini has all of the major elements as far as buttons go and it has a nearly ten foot cable, but is lacking a rumble pack and gyro feature.

Both controllers positively scream Mario and are a great way to celebrate the long legacy of bouncing on goombas and riding giant lizards to victory. They are currently available for pre-order at $24.99 each and will be released on September 1, 2020.

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