Cocos Play lets mobile developers create hyper-casual games inside their apps

Cocos Play lets mobile developers create hyper-casual games inside their apps

Cocos makes a popular 2D game development engine for mobile titles, and today the Chinese company is announcing Cocos Play, a new platform that lets any app developer embed hyper-casual games in their apps.

Using the Cocos Creator game engine, developers can create the hyper-casual games and embed them in a mini-app game center, which is included in any app. Cocos also owns Cocos2d-x, the largest open-source game engine, used primarily to make mobile games.

Cocos Play is a new platform that allows any app developer to include a customized mini-app game center inside their app, allowing for new monetization opportunities that have been proven to improve retention as well as customer loyalty to the app with rewarded play built into the service.

Companies such as WeChat, Facebook, Samsung, Vivo, and OPPO have already found success using the Cocos Play technology, and now the company is taking the next step by allowing all developers the same opportunities to create a game center for their app.

Coco’s vice president Cynthia Du said in a statement that Cocos has helped app makers expand their instant gaming ecosystem by providing the technical and infrastructure runtime solution that transfers HTML5 games into native app mini-games.

It provides players rich gaming content that doesn’t need downloading and is based on their gaming habits. Du also said that the runtime solution also allows added features for creating gameplay experiences similar to any native game you’d play. This includes secure control over game content and using built-in phone functionality.

Cocos Play helps HTML5 game developers by integrating their games into hundreds of hero apps for free with an easy to use platform that monetizes with rewarded video and interstitial ads. This allows game developers and publishers more traffic and distribution opportunities for their games along with giving non-gaming apps more ways to monetize. This is achieved through a reward system with Cocos Play that allows app makers to build various re-engagement activities from playing games inside Cocos Play.

The service is available today to any interested app developers or HTML5 game developers by contacting Cocos.

By the end of 2018, Cocos had more than 1.3 million active game developers worldwide, covering 1.1 billion game devices.

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