Conan Exiles: Console Commands Guide

Conan Exiles: Console Commands Guide

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If you want to create your own server and take your gameplay to the next level in Conan Exiles then you need to know a few console commands. They are relatively easy to use and will grant you special abilities and perks during the game. These cheats can be used on multiplayer servers, but only if you have been granted access to make certain changes.

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The cheats can affect your player’s stats, movement, and even how they build, as well as provide you with some information about the server itself. If you want to run the ultimate server, or simply mess around in single-player, then you need to know a few console commands in Conan Exiles.

How To Access The Admin Panel And Command Interface

If you want to enter console commands you first need to give yourself access to do so if you are not playing on a single-player server, similar to how cheats work in Ark: Survival Evolved. You will have to adjust this by going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Server Settings’ in order to make yourself the admin.

The Admin Panel provides you with basic settings that you can change throughout the game, while the Command Interface gives you the ability to enter console commands for specialty cheats.

Here are the keys you need to press to access both systems:

Admin PanelCtrl + Shift + C or Shift + Insert
Command InterfaceInsert or ~

If you want to enter or exit Admin mode you will have to enter a few commands:

Enter Admin ModeMakeMeAdmin [AdminPassword]
Exit admin ModeMakeMeNormal

What Can You Control In The Admin Panel?

The Admin Panel gives you access to the basic concepts within the game, which you should know before it comes to Xbox Game Pass. The idea is that you can change server settings to tailor the gameplay more to your liking.

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These are the gameplay aspects that the Admin Panel gives you control over:

  • Change all Player Stats
  • Change the Food Meter
  • Change the Time of Day
  • Change the Water Meter
  • Cloak
  • DemiGod
  • Fly
  • Freeze the Sky
  • Freeze Time
  • Ghost
  • God
  • Invisibility
  • NoSprintCost
  • Print XP
  • Set the Fog Severity
  • Set the Length of Days
  • Set the Level of Difficulty
  • Set the Target Weather Severity
  • Set the Time of Day
  • Set the Wind Severity
  • Set the Wind Trajectory
  • Show a List of Current Players in the Server
  • Show Stats
  • Spawn a Humanoid
  • Spawn an Item
  • Spawn Creatures
  • Toggle Eating
  • Toggle Hungry
  • Toggle Thirsty
  • Walk

All Console Commands

There are a ton of console commands that you can use and they each allow you to further modify different aspects of your gameplay, which can be very helpful when trying to build a base. They are split up into different groups to make it easier to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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The console command groups are as follows:

  • Player Adjustments
  • Building
  • Movement
  • Perspective
  • Purge
  • Server

Player Adjustments

GodNo longer take damage or anything related to it, but you will still be affected by the Cursewall
LearnEmote [emote]You can now use any emote
LevelFollowerUpTo [Value]Allows you to level up a Follower up to Level 20
SetFollowerStat [stat] [value]Manually adjust follower attributes
ToggleDebugHUDDisplay your current location and ping in the corner of your screen


BroadcastMessage [Message]Sends a message to all players in a server that must be manually closed
BuildingDestroy xxxxDestroy a building
BuildingIdentifyShow building information
DamageTarget [Value]Damage an object or player in your crosshairs
DestroyTargetRemoves structures, removes all objects of the same kind and can void some areas of the map
PlayerCanBuildEverywhere [PlayerName]Gives a specific player the ability to build in places where it is usually disabled
PrintPlayerInfoProvides a player’s in-game name and Steam name
SpawnItem [ItemID] [Quantity]Spawn a certain number of a specific item
Shift + DeleteRemoves a single building part or kills one NPC
Ctrl + Shift + DeleteRemoves or destroys buildings, pets, NPCs, and World Chunks
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F10Give yourself infinite building materials


CloakYou are always invisible to NPCs
FlyEnters fly mode
GhostMakes you invisible to other players, gives you the ability to fly, and NoClip is activated
InvisibilityBecome invisible to everyone
NoSprintCostStamina doesn’t drain when sprinting
SummonPlayer [PlayerName]Brings a specific player to your location
TeleportMove vertically or horizontally
TeleportPlayer X[float] Y[float] Z[float]Move a player to specific map coordinates
TeleportToPlayer [PlayerName]Move to a specific player’s location
WalkExit Fly or Ghost modes


ViewPlayer [PlayerName]The camera moves to the target player
ViewSelfThe camera comes back to your own character


StartPlayerPurgeStarts a purge
EndPurgeEnds a purge
StartNextPurgePhaseForce the next purge to begin
StartNextWaveJumpstarts the next wave in a purge
FillPlayerPurgeMeterFill a player's purge meter
FillPlayerClanPurgeMeterFill a player's clan’s purge meter
EmptyPlayerClanPurgeMeterEmpty a player's clan’s Purge meter
FillClanPergeMeterIt is misspelled in the game and this can only be used in single-player
FillAllClanPurgeMetersFill every clan’s purge meter in a server
EmptyAllClanPurgeMetersEmpty every clan’s purge meter in a server


FlushLogClear the server’s event log
GetAllServerSettingsDisplays the server settings that can be modified
GetServerHealthLists all server statistics
  • SetServerSetting
  • serverSetting[FString]
  • Value[FString]
Change server settings while in-game
r.ShadowQuality [Value]Adjust shadow transparency in-game
p.clothphysics [Value]Adjust dynamic cloth movement speed
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 'X'Begin a Sandstorm

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