Concrete Genie: How To Unlock Every Story Trophy

Concrete Genie: How To Unlock Every Story Trophy

It’s finally February, and with each new month comes a brand new selection of PlayStation Plus offerings. This month, owners of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 will receive several high-quality titles to enjoy. One of these games is Concrete Genie, an action-adventure game centered around a boy with a magic brush. Ash uses his magic brush to liven up the dreary town of Denska, creating friends along the way.

Those interested in trophy hunting will be happy to hear that this title is an easy Platinum for those willing to play from start to finish. With no missable trophies and a short but endearing story, it’s a title that’s hard to put down. Those making a checklist can take notes on the story based trophies listed below on their road to 100% completion.

Luna’s Apprentice

The first trophy players will earn in Concrete Genie is ‘Luna’s Apprentice.’ Once players gain the magic brush’s power, Ash’s new friend, Luna, will teach him how to use it. Follow the painting instructions displayed on the side of the screen. Once Ash’s first magic painting is complete, the trophy will unlock. Once this is done, put the brush away and follow Luna to the next objective.

Colorful Companion

Soon after meeting Luna, she’ll lead Ash to a red character design on the floor. Hold square to bring the new Genie to life and unlock ‘Colorful Companion.’ Congrats on creating your first bipedal genie!

Let The Light Shine

Once Ash makes his way through the Lighthouse, he’ll reach a lever that Luna instructs him to pull; doing so will restart the Lighthouse. With the beacon functioning again, the ‘Let the Light Shine’ trophy will unlock, along with the path to town.

Dog? Cat? Draaaaagon?

After Ash makes his way into Denska, he’ll find another red genie marker on the ground. Choose one of the designs quadruped designs to create a four-legged genie and unlock the ‘Dog? Cat? Draaaaagon?’ trophy.

High Five

After making his way through the allies of Denska, Ash will find a basketball sitting in the road across from a hoop. Press square to pick this ball up and shoot it. After Ash makes the shot, his genie will offer a High Five. Take him up on this offer to unlock the ‘High Five’ Trophy.

Something New

As Ash explores Denska, he’ll encounter flying pages from his damaged notebook. Grab them to make sure they’re added to Ash’s notebook. As the landscape pages are necessary for progression, all players will unlock the ‘Something New!’ Trophy early on in their playthrough.

Stunning Landscape

Because the landscape pages are tied to the story, finding all the pages a level has is only a matter of time. Continue through the story, picking up any pages that Ash comes across to add them to his notebook. Eventually, the ‘Stunning Landscape’ Trophy will unlock.

Just Like Old Times

At the end of Chapter 2, Ash will encounter a large wall; the genies will request that he use some of his landscape pages to create a Masterpiece, reinvigorating this map area. Use the specified landscape pages to finish this masterpiece and earn the ‘Just Like Old Times’ Trophy:

  • Campfire
  • Cherry Tree
  • Redwood Tree
  • Sun

Power’s Back

After Ash makes his way through Chapter 3, he’ll have to complete another masterpiece. Use the following landscape designs to complete the masterpiece and unlock the ‘Power’s Back’ trophy.

  • Acorn Tree
  • Moon
  • Storm Lily
  • Totems
  • Umbrella Plant

Water’s Clear

Chapter 4 also exhibits its own masterpiece for Ash to create. After making his way to the base of The Waterways, he’ll have to use several new designs to revitalize this area as he has with previous portions of the map:

  • Balloon Plant
  • Mushroom
  • Mushroom Vine
  • Pipe Organ Plant
  • Redwood Root
  • Windchime Plant 

Forced To Fight

After the town bullies take Ash’s paintings and corrupt them with black ink, they’ll become feral and attack him on sight. He’ll have to make his way from the Lighthouse down to town, taking out each dark genie he encounters. Use his newly acquired fire strike to eliminate the enemies surrounding the Lighthouse. Doing so will net players the ‘Forced to Fight’ Trophy.

The Name’s Ash

Once he’s made his way into town, Ash will have to use his powers to save each of the town bullies from the dark genies. The dark genies have trapped each of the children in separate locations. While rescuing Froggy gives no trophy, Zack is another story. Defeat the Dark Fire Genie holding Zack captive in the Fishing Port to earn “The Name’s Ash.” Follow the story path the find the next pair in need of aid.

Do The Right Thing

Froggy and Zack will join Ash and aid him on his journey to save the remaining children. Next up are brother and sister, Chuck and Janie. The Dark Electric Genie holds them captive in the Hydroelectric Plant, so head down there and take him down. Beating him will free the siblings and purify the genie as Ash has done before. This will unlock ‘Doing the Right Thing.’

I Made A Promise

The last member of the crew of bullies is Beatrice, and the Dark Wind Genie traps her. Travel down to The Waterways to confront the Dark Wind Genie, purifying it will save the last of the children and unlock “I made a promise. . .”

Art Gallery

Once Ash reconciles with the bullies, they’ll return the last section of his Landscape pages. Those who’ve grabbed all the pages adorning the path up to this point will unlock the Art Gallery trophy for their efforts. Don’t sweat this trophy, as it’s pretty difficult to miss any of the Landscape pages. Undiscovered pages can be seen on the map. Check to see if there are any stragglers if this trophy is still locked at the end of the story.

The Curse Is Lifted

After Ash and the bullies team up to take on the Dark Alpha Genie, they get split up, and Ash will have to confront the game’s final boss alone, use all the offensive magic at his disposal to beat this baddie, and purify the final genie to receive ‘The Curse Is Lifted’ Trophy.

Fresh Start

Once the final boss is beaten, Ash will have to decide if he’ll forgive the bullies that tormented him. After a touching cutscene and a beautiful final montage, the ‘Fresh Start’ trophy will unlock, adding a gold trophy to each trophy hunter’s collection.

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