Control Comes To Xbox Game Pass For PC This Week

Control Comes To Xbox Game Pass For PC This Week

PC players had to wait a few extra weeks, but Control is finally going to be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC this week.

Remedy Entertainment’s cerebral shooter Control came to Xbox Game Pass on console and mobile on December 3. Game Pass will often add new games on mobile, console, and PC simultaneously, as was the case with Injustice 2 earlier this month. Unfortunately, when Control joined game pass last month, PC players were left in the dust.

Today, the Xbox Game Pass for PC Twitter account revealed that Control is finally coming to the service this Thursday, January 21. It’s possible the hold up was due to Control being an Epic Game Store exclusive on PC. Only a handful of Epic Game Store games have come to Game Pass for PC, including The Outer Worlds, World War Z, and Mechwarriors 5: Mercenaries.

Control on Game Pass includes the base game, but not either of the DLC expansions, The Foundation and AWE but does include the DLC Expeditions, which released as a free DLC. AWE connects Control to Remedy Entertainment’s cult classic Alan Wake, and is the first entry in the official Remedy Connected Universe.

Control found critical acclaim when it released in August 2019 and has since sold over two million copies. It was one of the first games to feature ray-tracing and make proper use of Nvidia’s GTX graphics cards. Control was nominated for several awards at the 2019 Game Awards and won one for Best Art Direction.

The next big thing coming to Xbox Game Pass is EA Play. Microsoft announced in September that the EA subscription service would be merging with Game Pass later in the year. Unfortunately, Game Pass X EA Play has since been delayed until sometime in 2021. When the two services do eventually combine, Game Pass players will have access to major EA franchises, including Madden, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and The Sims 4 for no additional charge. EA Play on Game Pass will also offer subscribers trials of upcoming games before the release date without any pre-order or purchase requirements.

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