Control: Ultimate Edition Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Today As A Cloud Game

Control: Ultimate Edition Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Today As A Cloud Game

One of the most surprising announcements made during Nintendo’s recent Mini Direct is that Control: Ultimate Edition is coming to the Switch, but only as a streaming game.

It’s not hyperbole to say that Control is one of the most technically demanding games of the current generation of systems. The game is known to chug on certain systems, which is why fans were eagerly awaiting the next-gen ports of the game. Unfortunately for them, they will need to purchase the new Control: Ultimate Edition to reap the benefits of the PS5/Xbox Series X’s power.

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Nintendo has held a surprise Mini Direct, which included announcements for games like Surviving the Aftermath coming to the Switch. The biggest surprise is that Control: Ultimate Edition is available now for the Switch. This is the Cloud Version of the game, which means that it’s played entirely through streaming. A trailer for the game can be seen on the official Nintendo YouTube channel.

It’s possible to try out Control: Ultimate Edition on Switch through demo versions that let you test the game with either performance or graphical quality prioritized. This means you can see if the game can work at all with your current Internet speed. The game was unplayable for us in performance mode on a wired connection that normally handles streaming services like Google Stadia, so make sure to test the game out before committing to a purchase.

Nintendo has been experimenting with cloud gaming on the Switch for a while now, as Resident Evil 7 is also available as a streaming title in Japan. You’re going to need a fast Internet connection if you want to run Control on the Switch, but at least the option is there, and it opens the door for other high-performance games to come to the system in the future. The Switch might soon be left in the dust by the PS5 and Xbox Series X in terms of hardware, but streaming for third-party games could be the way forward for Nintendo, even if it means no longer focusing on the Switch as a handheld platform.

Control: Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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