Cozy Grove Guide: How To Use The Dowsing Rod

Cozy Grove Guide: How To Use The Dowsing Rod

Spry Fox’s Cozy Grove is a beautiful life-sim game that has players stepping into the role of a Spirit Scout tasked with helping the ghostly bears that they meet. As well as helping out these interesting characters, you’ll spend a lot of your time crafting and gathering, and there are a variety of tools to help you achieve this.

You’ll unlock more tools as you progress through the game, as well as upgrades for them so you can gather even rarer materials. One of the many tools you will obtain is the dowsing rod — but this isn’t for finding water, it’s for finding spirit wells that contain hidden relics. Here’s everything you need to know about the dowsing rod.

Where do you get the dowsing rod?

Between campaign days 6-8, you should receive a new request from Jeremy Gruffle to find him some ingredients so that he can make you a dowsing rod. The required ingredients are as follows:

  • 10x Roasted Root Vegetable (Obtained by burning any root vegetables you dig up at Flamey.)
  • 10x Charred Fishbone (Obtained by burning any fish that you catch at Flamey.)
  • 3x Iron Ingot (Obtained by burning any Iron Ore harvested from rocks at Flamey.)

How to use the dowsing rod?

Francesca DuClaw will offer a tutorial on how to use the dowsing rod and even offer quests where you need to find relics for her, but here’s a breakdown for you.

  • Equip the dowsing rod in your main hand.
  • Move your character and then stop to see your hot or cold reading (you can only see this when stationary).
  • Keep moving and stopping to see your reading, with the aim of increasing your heat.
  • Once the flame is big enough, you are near to the relic location.
  • A prompt will appear when you are on top of the spirit well and you can discover your relic.

Most days you can only find one spirit well/relic with the dowsing rod, but occasionally there are two that can be found. If you are still getting a hot/cold reading after finding your first relic, there is another to find somewhere on the island. Upgrading your dowsing rod also seems to make another relic appear even if you have already exhausted them for the day.

Finding Spirit Wells without a Dowsing Rod

Interestingly, you can actually find spirit wells without a dowsing rod, however, you can’t harvest them until you unlock and have the dowsing rod in your inventory.

A prompt will appear when you find the spirit well, if you don’t have the dowsing rod then you will be told that you cannot harvest the spirit well, if you do have the dowsing rod, then you will proceed to harvest the relic regardless of having the dowsing rod in your hand.

Of course, unless you luckily stumble across a spirit well or you feel like challenging yourself, you are better off using the dowsing rod to find it more efficiently.

What are relics used for?

Relics can be burned at Flamey to create relic ash, which is an important ingredient that will be required for a variety of quests and upgrades.

Additionally, all relics and relic ash can be donated to Captain Snout’s collection for rewards, as well as sold to Mr. Kit for coins. Occasionally, you will receive bear quests that require you to find a relic for them also.

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