Crash Bandicoot: On The Run Dev Shares Tips To Climb The Leaderboards

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run Dev Shares Tips To Climb The Leaderboards

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run is already putting up impressive numbers, quickly climbing to the top of the charts on both iOS and Android. Now, Stephen Jarret – VP of Game Design at King – is offering up a few tips to help you climb the game’s leaderboards.

If you’re having trouble acclimating to Crash’s new auto-running ways, here are some tips and tricks from Jarret that’ll have you posting high scores in no time.

Know Your Enemies

Each boss comes with their own set of weaknesses. If you’re hoping to best them, you’ll need to take your time and figure out which of your moves is best suited to their demise. As Jarret said, “Knowing when it’s best to spin, or slide different foes can help keep you moving and keep you alive!”

Taking Roads Well Travelled

Collection runs hold many different paths – and it pays to explore them all to unlock their hidden rewards. For example, Jarret points out that in Sewer or Later, Chill Berries can only be found in the cave sections. In other words – explore every possible route on all levels.

Body Slam Your Way To Victory

Don’t forget about your Body Slam ability. Jump and swipe down to “perform a powerful three-lane Body Slam.” This is useful on collection runs, letting you pick up items across the entire screen.

Plan Ahead And Collect While Crafting

“When you have a portal weapon in a lab, always go on a Collection Run,” Jarret said. “Also, some Ingredients are rarer than others, so plan when to double your ingredients. I always double Pop Blossom in Temple Ruins.”

Keep Your Mutagen Chickens Busy

Once you unlock Mutagen Chickens, always keep them busy. Some Portal Weapons require lots of eggs, and it’s in your best interest to keep them in stock.

Beyond those tips, here are a few other’s you’ll want to consider:

  • Take advantage of Daily Challenges and free items
  • Survival Runs are the best place to earn Trophies
  • Convert your Steps at the Tiki Head before a big boss fight

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