Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion – Everything You Need To Know About New Game Plus

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion – Everything You Need To Know About New Game Plus

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As expected in most JRPGs, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion has a New Game Plus mode that you can dive into after rolling the credits for the first time. However, due to the game being largely faithful to its 2007 release, the features at your disposal may seem a bit underwhelming compared to the most recent Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Still, what's here will allow you to go through the game again with significant advantages at your disposal, enabling you to focus on things you may have missed your first time through or blow through some of the challenges you had your first time around.

New Game Plus Overview

New Game Plus is an optional mode in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion that allows you to play through the game again but with the ability to carry over some Stats, Items, and more. If you have accessed New Game Plus in other games, it works similarly here, but we should cover a few things before you pull the trigger on beginning your new adventure.

How To Start New Game Plus

To begin New Game Plus, you will need to beat the game and roll its credits, and you will then be presented with the option to create a new save file. This save file will be your Cleared Save, so save it to a different slot than your primary one. If you use multiple save slots, overite an older save instead of your most recent one.

After creating your new save state with your Cleared Save Data, access it to begin a new game. You will have access to a select number of things you have accumulated and earned in your first playthrough, which we will cover in the section below!

What Does And Doesn't Carry Over

You're probably wondering about everything that carries over and what gets left behind upon entering New Game Plus in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion. And luckily for you, we have that information and will provide it in the tables below. Remember to keep an older save file on hand as you may need to access it for specific Trophies/Achievements or if you want to farm for Materia, Equipment, Gil, and more before starting over.

Everything You Keep



Zack's Level

Zack retains his current Level upon entering NG+.


All Experience Points carry over.


Generated SP carries over to NG+.


Accumulated Gil carries over to NG+.


All Items, with a few exceptions, will carry over.


Every Accessory, with a few exceptions, will carry over.


Your entire Materia collection will carry over to NG+.

DMW Completion Progress

Completion towards 100 Percent DMW carries over.

DMW Limit Break/Limit Verge Count

DMW Limit Break/Verge Count Stats carry over.

Buster Sword Proficiency

The proficiency rating for the Buster Sword carries over.


Total playtime carries over.

Mail Tips And Tutorials

Tip and Tutorial-focused Mail carry over.

Everything You Lose




Mission progress will reset upon entering NG+.


Shops will have to be found again in NG+.

Materia Expansions

Materia Expansion slots will need to be obtained again.

Equipment Expansions

Equipment Expansion slots will have to be earned again.

Key Items

All Key Items, minus ones used for Materia Fusion, are wiped.

DMW Characters

Character Portraits for the DMW reset.


All Mail, except for Tipand Tutorial-based ones, get erased.

Is New Game Plus Right For You?

With everything laid out above, you can see that there are far more pros than cons for beginning New Game Plus in Crisis Core, but several significant losses will set you back pretty drastically. Mission Progress not carrying over is a substantial blow, so we strongly urge you to keep at least one older save on hand in case you want to clean up the rest of your Missions if you were jumping on them any chance you got as you progressed through the game.

Having one old save and one specifically for New Game Plus gives you the best of both worlds, as you can level up and progress through the story again while tackling side activities you may have missed in your first round. Such as all the Mini-Games and side quests you either ignored had had no clue even existed. You can also up your difficulty if you played on Easy the last time if you want more of a challenge.

While New Game Plus does offer some serious downsides, it's not all bad, as you will be going through the game with more knowledge and a higher leveled Zack than before, allowing you to blow through the early portions of the game. We recommend seeking out all the additional activities in the game for your second playthrough, as they add a lot to the overall character development and relationships the game builds.

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