Crysis Remastered Arrives In September, So Better Make Sure Your PC Can Handle It

Crysis Remastered Arrives In September, So Better Make Sure Your PC Can Handle It

Crysis Remastered has a September 18th release date, so better get to upgrading your current rig now if you plan to play it on PC. And if you want to play it on console, stick with the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

It’s been a few months longer than we expected, but Crysis Remastered is finally hitting the big consoles and PC this September. A surprise Switch release was a nice sideshow, but Nintendo’s handheld console just can’t produce the kind of visuals that we were promised with the game’s announcement last April.

But the official release date for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC comes with even better examples of what we can expect from Crysis Remastered. In some ways, the word “remastered” seems woefully insufficient to describe the quantum leap forward in graphics quality. This thing looks gorgeous even by today’s standards.

First, there’s the new dynamic lighting. You can see individual rays of sunlight filtering through the dense brush of the forest, illuminating individual leaves while leaving others in shadow. The updated assets make each tree look like… well, a tree, rather than an assortment of polygons meant to resemble a plant.

Ray tracing is also a big deal, with reflections from the ocean and wet surfaces looking as true-to-life as ever. New 8k textures mean you can sit down and stare at a rock to count individual pores–not that we recommend doing so while you’re getting shot at by enemy soldiers.

Crysis was a game truly ahead of its time, and the Remastered version looks to be continuing the original game’s legacy of pushing modern hardware to its limits. No official system requirements have been released yet, but according to the site System Requirements Lab, it’s recommended to have a GTX 1060 and an Intel i7-7700 processor to run Crysis Remastered.

We’d take that as a minimum requirement. And if you’re looking to upgrade, just remember that NVIDIA’s new line of video cards are coming out in a few weeks.

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