Crysis Remastered On PC Won’t Be Held Back By Console Development

Crysis Remastered On PC Won’t Be Held Back By Console Development

Although Crysis Remastered is due to launch for both PC and consoles, the former version will not be held back in order to compensate for console development.

The news comes from our recent interview with Crytek about Crysis Remastered, during which we learned a whole lot about the studio’s upcoming shooter. For example, there is currently no graphics card on the market that can run Crysis Remastered at 30fps in 4K on its highest settings, and PC gamers will be able to avail of a total removal of level of detail limitations.

However, we also learned about Crytek’s approach to console development, and how it intends to ensure that the PC version of Crysis Remastered is as good as it possibly can be, even if achieving that same visual fidelity isn’t possible on consoles.

Although Crysis Remastered project lead Steffen Halbig notes that next-gen consoles will benefit from higher performance, more memory, improved CPU power, and enhanced GPU power,  they’re still not quite the same as a powerful PC.

“In games development, we need to make sure that everything is running in the same branch,” Halbig explains. “It must be covered in consoles and it must be covered in PC. Sometimes you have the problem that PC looks similar to consoles, and PC gamers are not happy.”

“Two months ago, Xbox and PlayStation would be branched out to a different pipeline and only PC is standalone and gets everything we can do,” Halbig continues. “Because of this we are able to make a big difference between PC and consoles at the end.”

“Sometimes it costs more if you dedicate more time for only one platform if you co-develop it together with Xbox and PlayStation,” Halbig explains. “Consoles stay as they are, the hardware won’t change, you’re always limited to it, and we took the extra mile with PC because we think that PC gamers — this is what they want from us, something high-end and also, like the original Crysis, something that is pushing the hardware to the limits.”

“Maybe other developers don’t spend that much love for the PC part but we did.”

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