Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Tips For Stealthing You Need To Know

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Tips For Stealthing You Need To Know

Night City isn’t famous for its tranquility. The natural tendency for people who play Cyberpunk 2077 will be to try and make more noise than the metropolis itself. Unless you’ve turned down the difficulty to a minimum, then this will have you flatlining for a decent chunk of the game, constantly on the brink of getting killed.

Don’t fight fire with fire; fight it with water. Or rather, fight it with darkness. A whisper in the ear is louder than a scream from a mile away. Enemies in this game generally can’t kill what they can’t see and with a few quick tips, you’ll be the ghost that took control of Night City without anyone alive knowing you were ever there.

Cool Then Assault

It’s undeniably tempting to dip into the assault tree first. Remember that the skills that apply to rifles also apply to the sniper rifle and that will end up being your signature weapon.

But the cool tree has too many critical perks to pass up. You’ll stay in stealth for longer and get a ton of bonuses on headshots that make it so you can clear a room without being spotted even on the toughest settings.

Silence Your Weapons

The silencer is a tough bullet to bite, but it’s one that you must. It reduces damage by quite a bit and that can make it seem prohibitive, but you’ll more than make up the damage by getting headshots.

Eventually, after you’ve got enough perks and better gear, you’ll be easily getting one-hit kills on everything except cyberpsychos and bosses, silencer or not.

Get The Overwatch

As far as damage goes, this gun is comical. It does such high damage that one can only assume somebody added an extra legit. Literally, it’s got about 10 times the damage of the next best sniper rifle.

Yet this isn’t even the best feature of the Overwatch. It has a built-in silencer that does NOT reduce weapon damage. So you’ll be sniping away in silence with zero drawbacks.

Go Loud On Easy Mobs

This probably wasn’t the advice you were expecting but it’s very important. Cyberpunk 2077 is stingy with perk points and if you only stick to sneaking and sniping, you’ll never get the skill points you need.

Against easier mobs, use melee weapons, shotguns, revolvers, and any other kind of strategy that you normally don’t use. You’ll get quick experience points and can apply them to the tactics that you actually do rely on.

Aim For The Head

Despite advanced techniques that tell you to aim for center mass, headshots will be your saving grace. It’s easier to hit someone in the chest, but they won’t die, they will see you, and they’ll alert their friends before you can get off that second, finishing shot.

You get the same credit for stealth whether you bring the enemy down in one hit or two hits if you’re unspotted. But if it takes two hits, you’ll be fighting an oncoming mob with a sniper rifle and that’s a losing proposition.

Start With Hacking

Don’t be afraid to throw in a few hacks as well. The most powerful daemons require a lot of RAM and a lot of investment, but the ones that benefit you the most are cheap, attainable, and effective.

With just a couple of sticks of RAM, you can ping every enemy on the network and disable all security cameras. This makes headshots simple by painting every target with a red outline and, if you move expeditiously, no enemy will be standing by the time the cameras start running again.

Take It Slow

Don’t force your shots. Even if you can survive an onslaught, you won’t be building up the perks that you need in stealth. The game is not short by any means, but it’s quite common for most players to finish it before getting to the top of even one skill tree, even if you do every side gig in the game.

Wait for patrols to be alone before taking them out. If somebody gets suspicious, wait until that suspicion dies down before getting back to work. More often than not, suspicious enemies will head to areas you can easily get the drop on them so long as you have the patience to let them wander.

Start On The Perimeter

Missions are marked at the dead center of the action, but that doesn’t mean that’s the best place to start operating. If you’re trying to bring enemies down discreetly, start at one end and spiral around.

On most of the gigs and side jobs, the final group can’t be taken down without the others being alerted, but that’s better than bringing down the wrath of a thousand angry mobsters down on you. Alerting enemies might not be avoidable, but you can, and should, thin their ranks first.

Run Away

If Batman doesn’t feel bad about retreating into the darkness after bullets start flying, then you shouldn’t either. Running away is legitimate and it’s better to take a few extra minutes and reset the fight than to die trying to use a sniper rifle against five frenzied netrunners bludgeoning your skull.

And make sure to really run away. If you duck behind boxes to avoid confrontation, the enemy AI is not afraid to hunt you down in your hiding spot. So run first and then hide when you’re out of enemy vision.

Save Consumables For Boss Fights

The one disadvantage of the stealth build is that there are a few fights against cyberpsychos and bosses that can’t be done without being spotted. Usually, a scripted event or animation will play out and, after that, you’ll be automatically entered into combat.

This is what consumables were made for. Increase your maximum HP, health regeneration, and stamina and do whatever it takes to win. It might require using a baseball bat or an SMG to survive, but the other 99% of the game will be right up your alley, so prepare your plan B ahead of time and you won’t have to sweat it when the game makes you fight straight up.

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