Cyberpunk 2077: Every Nomad Dialogue Option And Where You Can Choose It

Cyberpunk 2077: Every Nomad Dialogue Option And Where You Can Choose It

So you’ve chosen the Nomadic background for V, or maybe you haven’t, and you’re here to do your research before deciding on a lifepath for the dystopian rebel. Either way, you’ll find every dialogue option unique to the Nomad lifepath below so you can make the most out of V’s Nomadic lineage in Cyberpunk 2077.

When starting down the Nomad lifepath, there are two exclusive missions that Corps and Street Kids don’t have access to. These are the prologue intro “The Nomad” and “These Boots Are Made For Walking.” However, there are many more finite deviations within the main storyline that are exclusive to V’s Nomadic background.

The Pickup

When you meet up with Meredith, she interrogates V, and as a Nomad, V can offer to find Miletech’s mole for her. Later in the conversation, V can also offer to help clean up their convoy security, but Meredith won’t take V up on the proposal. At the end of the mission, if you located the computer with evidence implicating the mole, V can inform Meredith as long as you didn’t betray her with Maelstrom.

As a Nomad meeting up with Jackie during this quest, V can comment on the model bike he is riding; an Arch Nazare. If you have 7 points in the Technical Ability attribute, V can also suggest Jackie swap out the tailpipe, and later you will be able to acquire a tuned version of the bike yourself.

The Heist

When meeting Jackie at the Afterlife, V can comment that the venue is renowned even to the Nomads who don’t typically enter the city.

Later on, if V talks to the bartender at the hotel during The Heist and chooses the Nomad dialogue, the bartender will fabricate a tall tale rather than being straight with V. After resting in the hotel room, Jackie will question Yorinobu Arasaka’s motives for giving up his cushy hand me down lifestyle to start a gang. As a nomad, V can suggest Yorinobu may have wanted to ditch the system.

Atomic Love

If you undertake the optional objective of talking to Judy Alvarez, the Nomad dialogue option lets V suggest the Moxes and Nomads don’t seem so different as they share the same community and solidarity ideals. It doesn’t have much sway on anything though, Judy will brush it off by remarking the world doesn’t have time for your worldly views.

The Space Inbetween

When you locate Fingers at his clinic and begin interrogating him, V can make the remark that not even Nomads would push the stuff Fingers doles out to the girls in his clinic. This is a hyperbolic reference to the Nomadic characteristic of utilizing materials right to their very last until there’s no possible reuse for them, not wasting a thing. Again, this dialogue has no real consequence. Fingers will simply ask V to stop being so overdramatic.

I Walk The Line

After tracking down the NetWatch Agent at the cinema, V’s first set of dialogue options include a Nomad choice to cut the bullshit, warning the agent V didn’t come to talk. Shortly thereafter, the agent will insinuate NetWatch is willing to pay more than the ‘VooDoo Boys’ V is in league with on this mission. V’s Nomadic response to this accuses the agent of trying to buy them out.

Ghost Town

In this quest, Rogue Amediares will suggest partnering up with Panam Palmer. As a Nomad, V is distrustful of Nomad outcasts and can express their doubts about working with someone banished by their own clan. Rogue will then clarify Panam was not banished but walked away from her family, similar to how V left the Bakkers.

When you later meet up with Panam and strike a deal, V has the option of trying to relate to her a bit by choosing the Nomad dialogue of telling her you used to ride with Nomads as well. Later, V can also confide to Panam as a fellow Nomad that they lost everything in Night City.

Lightning Breaks

During this mission, V and Panam will find more time to reminisce on their Nomadic backgrounds. V can ask if Panam has ever done something as risky as what they’re currently doing with the AV while running with her clan. The two will then proceed to reflect on their time with their clans.

Gimme Danger

On the mission, Gimme Danger, V teams up with Goro Takemura in Japantown, during which a Nomad option pops up to divulge a bit about V’s childhood.

All Along The Watchtower

If V ultimately escapes Night City, being a Nomad, they will recognize the bridge you’re about to use to cross the border is a famed Aldecaldos tunnel. Naturally, V will have the dialogue option to voice this observation.

Path of Glory

If V ultimately chooses to stay in Night City to complete their last mission rather than romancing Panam, they will have to say their goodbyes. During the farewell, V can remind her of an old Nomad proverb that says, “No goodbyes, only roads that fork and converge.” To this, the hotheaded Aldecaldos runaway will characteristically respond that Nomads say all sorts of shit.

Side Jobs & Gigs

V can also make some less pertinent remarks due to their Nomadic lineage while running jobs on the side.

Both Sides, Now

When Judy Alvarez reports the death of Evelyn Parker and the NCPD tells her to put the body on ice until tomorrow, she’s rightly infuriated. At this point, the Nomad dialogue choice allows V to attempt diffusing the situation with a sarcastic comment, “Welcome to Night City…”

Pyramid Song

When V and Judy discover a diner underwater while scuba diving, it prompts Judy to speculate on V’s childhood, which she says tasted of burnt marshmallows. V has the option to respond to this with some Nomad background, saying others would’ve gladly eaten them if V didn’t, and explains if you were picky, you got no food at all.

After spending the night at the cottage, V will find Judy sitting on the dock the next morning. If you didn’t romance her, Judy will tell V she’s leaving Night City. V gets pretty upset over the news, but the Nomad dialogue offers V the choice to keep an even temper and philosophize the situation a little more. As a Nomad, V can respond to Judy saying she thought Night City held opportunities, but now it feels like they’re standing in quicksand. Judy will agree with that sentiment, and V will tell her they can’t leave just yet.

With A Little Help From My Friends

During this side mission with Panam, there is a discussion about Soul and Scorpion’s disagreement over their Nomad clan joining Snake Nation. Due to V’s background with the Bakkers clan and given how things turned out for the clan after joining up with the Nation, V can back Soul’s decision not to join.

Gig: Woman of Lamancha

Going with the optional objective to ask around the market for Anna Hamill, look for a character by the name of Imad. He is a fellow Nomad and will give V the information needed for free, rather than the 600 eddies he would’ve charged a non-Nomad. Other characters will charge the same price for the info as well, so playing the Nomad kinship card with Imad is a valuable perk on this occasion.

Gig: Freedom of The Press

When V finds Max near the end of the gig, he’ll be on the brink of suicide. If you choose the proper dialogue to keep him from pulling the trigger, V can try and encourage him to lie low with the Nomads for a while.

And there you have it, every dialogue option unique to the Nomad lifepath. Have you discovered any other obscure Nomadic choices in your playthrough? Let us know! But for now, good luck on your chosen path, and don’t let Night City rob you of all you have.

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