Cyberpunk 2077: The 10 Best Skills To Get In Street Brawler

Cyberpunk 2077: The 10 Best Skills To Get In Street Brawler

The Street Brawler Perk Tree in Cyberpunk 2077 is likely the most hyper-focused one out of the bunch. There are some Perks in the Blade tree that can apply to all builds, same with the Handguns tree or even the Annihilation Tree.

Yet, with Street Brawler, 90% of the Perks only apply to Melee Weapons, in particular, Blunt Weapons. So, for players orienting towards this exact type of build, here are the best skills for a true Street Brawler.

Crushing Blows

Crushing Blows:(1 Body) Increases damage from strong attacks by 30%  (40% at rank 2 & 50% at max rank 3).

Strong Attacks are crazy strong by default. Quite honestly, there are players who barely even use their basic swings, and it works for them. Strong Attacks seem to stun more often, they do more damage, and they break guards. So, a Perk that increases that already sizeable amount of damage by an extra 50% (at max rank) is absolutely one melee-focused players should grab.


Dazed:(4 Body) Attacks have a 15% (30% at max rank 2) chance to apply stun.

Stunning an Enemy in Cyberpunk is so incredibly useful, especially for those Beat on the Brat Sidequests that feel so insanely difficult early on. While an enemy is stunned, V can typically get a full combo string or two off, and this is usually enough to kill most standard enemies. So, increasing that percentage chance, by any amount, is a necessity.


Rush: (6 Body) Successful attacks recover 3% (5% at max rank 2) health over 2 seconds.

This one actually also helps out quite a bit with a Blade build, so keep that in mind. Frankly, the faster V can attack, the more benefit they’ll find from this Perk. But, even those players who are slowly swinging around hammers and bats will find that this skill saves their life more than they expected. Survivability is key in a Cyberpunk 2077 Melee Build, so grab everything that makes surviving another gunshot that much more possible.

Efficient Blows

Efficient Blows: (6 Body) Reduces stamina cost for all attacks by 25% (50% at max rank 2).

Stamina is the most crucial resource for Melee builds, other than HP of course, and managing it well can make a big difference. Efficient Blows helps with this, by quite a lot actually, because it reduces the stamina cost for both normal and strong attacks by a whopping 50% (at max rank). The more stamina V has, the more they can swing, and the more damage they can do!

Opportune Strike

Opportune Strike: (8 Body) Increases damage against enemies affected by stun by 50%.

Opportune Strike is an ability that doubles down on the concept of ending a fight by stunning the enemy. With this Perk, as soon as an Enemy gets stunned, V can smack them while they’re on the ground for an extra 50% damage. And, with Gorilla Ams + Strong Attacks, stunning an enemy consistently is already much easier than it first appeared. Plus, Opportune Strike only requires 1 Perk Point of investment for a 50% damage increase!


Frenzy: (15 Body) Defeating an enemy increases damage by 100% for 10 seconds.

Frenzy is by far one of the best Perks in the Street Brawler tree, as it lets players snowball into a killing spree. The Perk does exactly what its description implies, V gets a huge damage increase for 10 seconds after beating an enemy. Now, this Perk doesn’t seem to stack, as that would be pretty outrageous, but the timer does refresh with every kill. This means that as long as V comes in swinging, they’ll get that 100% damage buff the entire time, which is a fast track way to making the player feel unstoppable/overpowered.


Thrash: (15 Body) Strong attacks reduce the target’s armor by 30% for 10 seconds.

Another Perk that buffs Strong Attacks, which means Thrash is another Perk worth grabbing. Surprisingly, Melee Builds in Cyberpunk aren’t as simple as “Get Perks that buff damage, punch enemies until they die.” In reality, it’s a lot more debuff/buff stacking that leads to punches or swings killing enemies quickly. And, Thrash is a crucial part of that Debuff stack, because when it’s used on a Stunned Enemy who is suffering from the Mass Vulnerability Daemon, this Perk makes a heavily armored enemy seem like they’re wearing nothing at all.


Unshakeable: (18 Body) Successful attacks against enemies affected by stun restore 5% (10% rank 2, 15% rank 3) health and 5% (10% rank 2, 15% rank 3) stamina.

Just another perk that makes Stunning enemies even better than it already is. This Perk combines the Survivability that a melee build needs (restoring health) with the utility that a Melee build depends on (restoring stamina). Free health and stamina just for punching a guy who is already stunned on the ground? An obviously beneficial investment of three Perk Points.

Biding Time

Biding Time: (18 Body) Blocking attacks restores 5% (10% rank 2, 15% rank 3) health.

Now, there are quite a few perks on the Street Brawler Tree that specifically affect the Blocking mechanic. And, readers might notice that this is the only one of those Perks that made it onto the list. While blocking is useful for a Melee Build, it isn’t nearly as important as survivability and damage. But, Biding Time is the exception, as it turns the blocking mechanic into something focused on survivability rather than pure defense, and that makes this Perk absolutely worthwhile.


Guerilla: (20 Body & 20 Street Brawler Skill Levels) Increases Crit Damage by 60% for 10 Sec after entering combat. 

And lastly, here’s the capstone Perk of the Street Brawler tree. Oddly enough this is also the Perk that is by far the most useful outside of Melee builds. See how at no point in the Perk description does it specify this Crit Damage increase only applies to Melee Weapons? That means that anyone who manages to unlock and invest in this Perk will get a huge Crit Damage Bonus to their guns as well!

A Sniper build could absolutely max out their Street Brawler Skill Progression, and then invest in this Capstone in order to skyrocket their already astronomical Sniper crit damage if they so choose. That would be an odd path to go down, but it would work.

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