Cyberpunk 2077’s First Expansion Has Seemingly Leaked, Main Quest Revealed

Cyberpunk 2077’s First Expansion Has Seemingly Leaked, Main Quest Revealed

Cyberpunk 2077's highly-anticipated first expansion might be a while away from release, but what seems like a large and genuine leak has revealed details about the expansion's main quest.

As reported by VGC, hundreds of lines of dialogue have leaked, outlining the entire plot of the expansion. Rather than follow V, the game's expansion will reportedly focus on Songbird, a character we only know about thanks to a recent datamine of the game's original files. The leaks seen by VGC are not yet complete, and a lot of the expansion's side missions are simply placeholder text at the moment, but the leak does seem to indicate there will be seven main missions for players to complete.

From what these lines seem to suggest, players will be taken to two previously inaccessible areas in the expansion, including the Combat Zone in the Pacifica region as well as the Sports Dome. Optional content will also apparently include things like fixer quests, world stories, and new world encounters.

VGC also notes several other interesting aspects of the leak, including the noticeable absence of Johnny Silverhand, the character played by actor Keanu Reeves. The leak also seems to reveal that several key lines towards the end of the game from both Johnny and V have been changed, with both characters referencing Songbird. This isn't a big change, but it does imply that the game's expansion may take place before the ending of the game.

While you may be itching the play this expansion, we currently don't quite know when it's going to drop. CD Projekt Red did reveal that the game's expansion will launch at some point in 2023, although it refrained from including a more narrowed down date. Still, at least we have an idea of what players will be getting up to in the expansion if this leak is as legitimate as it appears to be.

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