Dark Pictures Anthology’s The Devil In Me Launches November 18

Dark Pictures Anthology’s The Devil In Me Launches November 18

Gamescom continues to bring big announcements. At today’s Future Games Show, Supermassive Games announced the next installment of The Dark Pictures Anthology, The Devil In Me, will arrive on November 18.

The Devil In Me's first trailer offered a very Saw-inspired horror story, where players will have to make decisions to determine who lives and who dies in a replica of H.H. Holmes' "Murder Castle." Described as "America's first serial killer," Holmes confessed to killing 27 people over the course of his life, and although most of those took place elsewhere, many of Holmes' victims were killed in a hotel he constructed in Chicago.

Of course, it wasn't really called the "Murder Castle Hotel," and neither did it have nearly as many deadly traps as the media portrayed (or any traps at all, actually), but the legend stuck regardless. And now The Devil In Me will have players attempt to keep set designers from Lonnit Entertainment from succumbing to The Murder Castle's hospitality. Today’s trailer also revealed several of the game’s puzzles, its inventory management, and a main story that’ll last upwards of seven hours.

Besides coming in both digital and physical formats, Bandai Namco is also offering an Animatronic Collector’s Edition which includes a collector’s box, exclusive postcard and envelope, a map of the Murder Castle Hotel, a Lonnit Entertainment business card, and an four-inch animatronic bust of The Devil In Me’s villain

The Devil In Me arrives on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on November 18. And if that's not enough gruesome horror for you, check out The Outlast Trials, which is going into open beta on October 28.

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