Dark Souls: Every Fire Keeper Soul Location

Dark Souls: Every Fire Keeper Soul Location

One of the biggest changes FromSoftware made between Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls was overhauling how healing worked. In Demon’s Souls, players healed by eating Grass – a resource that came in multiple varieties that could be easily farmed (but had to be farmed considering its inconsistent drop rate across the game). To remedy this fact, FromSoftware introduced the Estus Flask, which has since become a Dark Souls staple.

The Estus Flask allows Chosen Undead to heal themselves off a finite resource that fully replenishes at any Bonfire. Dark Souls’ Estus Flask forces players to learn the level design of each area, removing the ability to brute force damage through copious healing. While the Estus Flask is meant to make healing more strategic in Dark Souls, Fire Keeper Souls allow players to strengthen their Flask. There are only a few Fire Keeper Souls hiding around Lordran, however, requiring a keen eye for exploration.

Undead Parish Soul

The first Fire Keeper Souls most players will stumble upon can be found in the Undead Parish. Inside of the Undead Church right across from Andre the Blacksmith’s Bonfire is an altar where a Fire Keeper Soul can be seen resting. Guarding the Fire Keeper Souls is a Berenike Knight, a large soldier who blocks most attacks with his Tower Shield.

Before confronting the Berenike Knight, make sure to kill every other enemy in the Undead Parish. The Berenike Knight is an aggressive foe and fighting him while other enemies are aggros is a recipe for disaster. Once killed, the Berenike Knight won’t respawn in the Parish and you’ll be free to pick up the Fire Keeper Soul.

New Londo Ruins Soul

New Londo Ruins can actually be accessed as soon as players gain access to Firelink Shrine. Simply head down the Shrine’s hill to reach an elevator that’ll descend into New Londo Ruins. A flooded kingdom, New Londo Ruins is littered with ghosts who’ll shriek and aggro the player on sight. Thankfully, the Fire Keeper Soul can be seen in the distance as you’re crossing the wooden walkway. Simply walk towards it, avoid the ghosts, and head back up to fire Firelink Shrine.

Blighttown Soul

Blighttown’s Fire Keeper Soul isn’t particularly difficult to find, but it can be a challenge to obtain. From the Valley of the Drakes entrance is a hallway littered with enemies who shoot toxic darts from up above and fire dogs down below. Make sure to kill the bandits on top first, since toxin drains an outrageous amount of health at a rapid pace. Once they’ve all been taken care of, kill the fire dogs down below, and head deeper down the hall to find the FIre Keeper’s Soul.

Duke’s Archives Soul

While most Fire Keeper Souls are hiding in plain sight, the Duke’s Archives Soul is a bit trickier to find. The Fire Keeper Soul is caged in a all the way below the Archives’ Tower. The cell can be identified by the Pisacas huddling in front.

The key to the cell can be found by the entrance to Crystal Cave, where Seath the Scaleless is ultimately fought. With the key in hand, head back to the Duke’s Archives and plunder yet another Fire Keeper Soul. The key can also be used to free Big Hat Logan elsewhere in the Archives. 

Darkmoon Knightess’ Soul

There are three living Fire Keepers in Dark Souls who players have the option to kill for their Souls. Fire Keepers’ lives are linked to the Bonfires they attend to, meaning that their death disconnects the Bonfire from the game. The Darkmoon Knightess is the Fire Keeper of Anor Londo, one of the most convenient and used Bonfires in the game.

The only way to get her Fire Keeper Soul is to kill her, which in turn unlinks Anor Londo. While there are other Bonfires players can warp to in order to still access the area, the Darkmoon Knightess’ is the most convenient. To avoid the consequences as much as possible, save killing Darkmoon Knightess until the very end of the game.

Daughter of Chaos’ Soul

The Daughter of Chaos is actually Quelaag’s Sister and the leader of the Chaos Servant Covenant. The Daughter of Chaos can be found behind a hidden wall in Quelaag’s Domain. Normally meeting the Daughter of Chaos requires complying with Eingyi, but since getting her souls means killing her, feel free to cut down Eingyi. On death, the Daughter of Chaos drops her Fire Keeper Soul, disconnects her Bonfire, and locks players out of the Chaos Servant covenant for the rest of the game.

Anastacia’s Soul

Anastacia of Astora tends to Firelink Shrine’s Bonfire and can’t be killed by players through normal gameplay. If Lautrec has been rescued, however, he’ll slaughter Anastacia and return to his home world after ringing both Bells of Awakening or finding two Fire Keeper Souls. This triggers the last chunk of Lautrec’s questline where players invade him and take back Anastacia’s Soul.

  • Pick up the Black Eye Orb in Anastacia’s former cell.
  • Warp to Ornstein & Smough’s Bonfire and exit the boss arena.
  • Use the Black Eye Orb.

You’ll now invade Lautrec’s world and have to face off against him & his two Phantoms. With the Estus Flask locked, this is an extremely difficult battle so be careful, take your time, and don’t take chances. Once Lautrec has been killed, he’ll drop Anastacia’s Fire Keeper Soul. The intent of the questline is to revive Anastacia at Firelink Shrine, but feel free to reinforce your Estus. There are better Bonfires in Lordran.

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