Dark Souls: Siegmeyer’s Questline, A Step By Step Guide

Dark Souls: Siegmeyer’s Questline, A Step By Step Guide

There amount of friendly faces you’ll find in Dark Souls can be counted on one hand. Even some faces that appear friendly may end up stabbing or kicking you in the back, too. But all NPCs have their own unique quests you can choose to help them with, that is assuming you can figure out where to find them, what they even want, and how to go about accomplishing it. Siegmeyer of Catarina is perhaps the most jovial and endearing character you have the option of running into, perhaps aside from fan-favorite Solair, but also has a very long and complex questline that is very easy to screw up. If you want a step by step guide on how to help him reach the end of his journey, plus earn a very rare reward, we’ll make sure you don’t go hollow trying to figure it out on your own.

How To Complete Siegmeyer’s Quest In Dark Souls

Siegmeyer starts when you first encounter him napping outside the gates to Sen’s Fortress. You won’t be able to speak to him while asleep, but once you’ve rung both bells of awakening and the gates are opened, return here to finally meet his acquaintance. Be sure to continue speaking to him until his dialogue repeats to move him into the next phase of the quest.

Proceed through the fortress, defeat the boss, and reach Anor Londo. Inside the main building, once you reach the roof and deal with the silver knight there, go down the big spiral staircase and rest at the nearby bonfire. Keep heading down until you spot the big onion knight standing outside a room with three more silver knights waiting inside. Chat him up some more until he gives you the Tiny Beings Ring.

Keep progressing as normal from there until you have the Lord Vessel. Use it to teleport yourself back to Firelink to find Siegmeyer hanging out in the main ring. Have another chat with him here and answer “Yes” when he asks if you were the one to ring the bells of awakening. He will give you a new miracle, but keep talking to him after this until he remarks that he intends to go down into Blighttown. Teleport to another location and then back to Firelink so that he moves to his next spot.

Now, obviously, you need to follow him down into Blighttown, but before you do make sure to have some Purple Moss Clumps in your inventory. Go through the area and across the swamp towards the entrance to The Great Hollow. You’ll spot Siegmeyer, as usual, napping on a small patch of dirt. Talk to him until he wakes up and give him some Purple Moss Clumps so he can move on. He will reward your generosity with the Pierce Shield.

At this point you need to detour through the Duke’s Archives and to the entrance to the Crystal Cave. Here you will see not Siegmeyer, but his daughter Sieglinde trapped inside a golden crystal golem. Defeat it to free her. Tell her that you’ve seen her father and run back to the nearest bonfire. Warp back to Firelink again to find her waiting for you, again asking if you’ve seen her father. Once again say yes.

Now, back to Siegmeyer. He’s found his way into Lost Izalith to the room just above the Chaos Eater enemies. You have three choices here:

  1. If he fights and survives with more than half of his health he will go on to a final location in his quest.
  2. If he has less than half his health after fighting the chaos eaters he won’t have the strength to go on. He’ll give you a Speckled Stoneplate Ring and his quest will end there.
  3. If you kill the enemies before talking to him and he doesn’t fight at all, he will give you the same ring, also ending the quest, but he doesn’t pass away.

If you chose the first option, which leads to the greatest reward, you will find him and his daughter all the way down in Ash Lake. Or rather you will find her near his body. She will give you the final reward, a Titanite Slab, and close out the quest.

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