Davigo Pits PC Players Against VR With 'Cross-Reality' Battles

Davigo Pits PC Players Against VR With 'Cross-Reality' Battles

Flatscreen vs. VR, which side would win? That’s what Davigo hopes to find out.

Developed for quite some time now by a three-person team, Davigo is an upcoming 4v1 “cross-reality” multiplayer game. Compatible with “all major HMDs, including Quest, Rift, Vive, Index, and Windows MR,” one VR player embodies a giant head with floating hands. As the Giant, your goal involves killing the four Warriors, using “full-body gestures to crush their opponents and avoid incoming fire.” As for the flatscreen team on PC, you’ll fight the Giant by building up an arsenal ranging from bomb throws to flamethrowers.

You can watch the trailer below:

Davigo is currently available through a testing alpha build available to subscribers of Davigo Studio’s Patreon, which starts at about about $5 per month. Featuring custom maps plus online and local multiplayer, that’s available for Quest headsets via SideQuest and a PC launcher, and you can use the same account for Quest and PC. It’s currently in alpha 3.1, which recently added new quality of life features, a new close-quarters map called Summit, and more.

Davigo is listed a “coming soon” on Steam Early Access and planned for the Meta Quest platform as well. For the full release, Davigo Studio promises more maps, new game modes, rules modifiers, mod support, and further gameplay balancing. Updated visuals and audio are also expected, replacing the alpha’s current placeholder assets.

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