Days Gone: Pioneer Cemetery Infestation Guide

Days Gone: Pioneer Cemetery Infestation Guide

Throughout Days Gone, Deacon is asked to destroy Infestation Nests around Oregon. The apocalypse has caused many places to become inhabited by the dead, which makes them very dangerous.

The Pioneer Cemetery is a key location at the beginning of Days Gone, as many story objectives will task you with exploring the area. However, there is an infestation there that will cause you lots of problems. Here’s everything you need to know to destroy the Pioneer Cemetery Infestations in Days Gone.

Pioneer Cemetery Infestation Nest Locations

There are three nests at the cemetery, but they are spread quite far apart. Stay on your bike when travelling between them to save yourself having to trek through the surrounding area. Conserve fuel to make sure you don’t need to hunt for a petrol can.

Pioneer Cemetery Nest #1

The first nest is to the side of a main road you can take to get to the Cemetery. The infested shack is just off the road.

Pioneer Cemetery Nest #2

To find the second nest, you need to head North-West of the Cemetery to find a small parking lot. There is a building here that has become infested with freaks.

Pioneer Cemetery Nest #3

The final nest is actually within the walls of the Pioneer Cemetery. Go through the main gates and head over the big hill in the middle. On the other side, there will be a red barn. This is the final infestation nest in this area.

If you run out of Molotovs whilst in the Cemetery, take a look around the infested barn. There are supplies scattered around which you can use to craft another. You will find kerosene and rags on the crate near the barn, whilst the beer bottle is next to a tree nearby.

Pioneer Cemetery Survival Tips

The Cemetery is a key location in the story, so naturally, it is teeming with the undead. Most infestations might be a little easier to clear at night since all the freaks will have wandered off hunting. The Pioneer Cemetery is the exception to this rule. At night, freaks descend on this area and it can be very difficult to get out alive.

NERO Research Site

If you follow the road North of the Cemetery past the main gates, you will find an abandoned NERO Research Site. This is a great place to come if you are running low on supplies.

There are plenty of items to scavenge here, as well as a NERO injector if you are willing to fight some freaks. Grab a fuel can and power the generator to unlock the doors to the NERO research unit. The injector will be on a table inside.

There will also be a bed in here so you can fast forward until daylight and a gun locker that you can use to change Deacon’s loadout. Having this base near the Cemetery should really help if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

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