Dead Space: Every Weapon, Ranked

Dead Space: Every Weapon, Ranked

Dead Space has plenty of iconic aspects, but one of its most memorable qualities is its weapons. The remake has brought these classic weapons to a new, modern level that captures what you remembered them sounding and feeling like while revamping the elements.

To survive, Isaac Clarke must utilize everything he has in his surroundings. On his journey, he gathers quite the arsenal. To get the most out of your inventory, you should know what the best weapons in the game are. There is no necessarily right or wrong answer, but there are weapons that are better than others, regardless of the situation.

7 Flamethrower

Obtained in chapter three, the Flamethrower has its uses for crowd control and incinerating Necromorphs. While upgrades help it hold more ammo and do more damage, it is held back in that it does not get the job done as quickly as other weapons in Dead Space.

Still, the two firing modes on the Flamethrower make it worth your while if you like fire. It primarily shoots a stream of fire to cause damage over time. Its secondary shoots a wall of flames for additional damage and coverage. You can slow the enemy down with this secondary shot, but it can corner you if you get too enthusiastic since it can cut you off along with the alien threats.

6 Ripper

The third chapter continues to deliver the weapons in Dead Space; this time with the Ripper. While it may have the most metal name, without some investment, it is one of the weaker tools you can carry. Ejecting a sawblade seems perfect for cutting off limbs, but in reality, you can get it done just fine with something else.

The secondary fire is what really makes the Ripper a bit practical. As you usually want to keep your distance, its primary shot is less practical. The secondary shoots the blade toward the target, potentially cutting through a line of enemies or ricocheting off to hit an unsuspecting Necromorph.

5 Contact Beam

If you need something heavy-duty, wait until chapter four for the Contact Beam. Although it is heavy and does not have the same movement as other weapons, it does pack a punch, as it shoots out a beam to deal massive damage to enemies. The secondary also does significant damage, as it shoots another ball of energy to tear up anything in its vicinity.

The Contact Beam deals major blows, but it can take a second to kill your target. It is a situational weapon that requires some thought before whipping it out. When it works, it will turn the room into a bloody, gorey mess.

4 Force Gun

Chapter six delivers another hefty weapon, the Force Gun. It does exactly as the name says, which is like force push from Star Wars as you blow back anything in front of you. It is not ideal for damage, but crowd control or killing small aliens proves its usefulness.

While its primary fire is a great way to kill a cluster of enemies, its secondary can make for a great combo with other weapons. Its secondary pulls enemies together, leaving them vulnerable to explosives and other methods of turning them into mush.

3 Pulse Rifle

Introduced early on in the story, you get this sci-fi assault rifle in chapter two. Thankfully the wait is short before you get your hands on one of these bad boys. It deals significant damage, and its versatility makes it a must-have in your inventory at all times.

The primary fire is simple; it is a machine gun. Turn Dead Space into a shooter by blasting away hordes of Necromorphs. The secondary only makes it closer to other shooters in the best way imaginable, as it shoots an explosive mine. Whether you are up against a single enemy or multiple, the Pulse Rifle has got your back.

2 Line Gun

Chapters four and five give you an opportunity for a souped version of the Plasma Cutter with some additional properties. Unlike the Plasma Cutter, the Line Gun only shoots horizontally, but that is okay due to its limb-cutting abilities.

Similarly to the Pulse Rifle, its secondary is a trap. Instead of a mine, it shoots a laser trap that does considerable damage when aliens pass through it. It is a deadly weapon that will get plenty of use if you can pick it up between the two chapters it is available in.

1 Plasma Cutter

The first gun you get, at the beginning of the game is the best. The Plasma Cutter is an icon for a reason – particularly for its power and versatility. You can use nothing but this gun as long as you have the ammo. Although, we don't recommend it, as you will be struggling when it comes to ammo.

The Plasma Cutter is the most basic weapon in Dead Space, which is partially why it is so good. Cut limbs horizontally to neutralise a Necromorph. If you upgrade it, it becomes a beast with its ammo capacity, damage, and ability to do burning damage with every shot.

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