Dead Space Player Makes A Lightsaber By Using The Line Gun On A Bottle

Dead Space Player Makes A Lightsaber By Using The Line Gun On A Bottle

A creative Dead Space player has made a lightsaber that can shred through Necromorphs by using the Line Gun's alternate fire on both sides of an empty bottle.

Dead Space may have Isaac Clarke going up against some of the most horrifying enemies in gaming history, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have his own powerful arsenal of tools to give him a fighting chance. From Plasma Cutters to Force Guns, Isaac's got some good tricks up his sleeves for getting through the USG Ishimura, which now apparently extends to copying Darth Maul's shtick.

One of the most unique weapons in Dead Space is the Line Gun, a more powerful version of the Plasma Cutter that shoots out thicker rounds that quickly slice Necromorphs up. The most interesting thing about the Line Gun is its alternate fire, which shoots out a small trip mine that will trigger a massive laser when an enemy runs across it, instantly turning them into swiss cheese.

Because the Line Gun's trip mines can stick to most surfaces in Dead Space, they can be used in some unique ways, usually acting as traps for the player to lure enemies into. That's nothing compared to what YouTuber GoGa No Commentary did, which is easily one of the most creative ways to use the Line Gun in Dead Space.

In a video posted on their channel, GoGa finds a plastic bottle sitting on a workbench. GoGa then sticks a trip mine on either end of the bottle and carries it around with Kinesis, essentially turning it into a walking trip mine that will shred through any enemy that gets close to Isaac. Let's be real, they've made a bloody lightsaber.

Of course, anyone who's played Dead Space will know that, as powerful as the Line Gun's trip mines are, they don't last forever, so it's not the most reliable of weapons. Couple that with Necromorphs that attack from afar, and this isn't likely to replace the Plasma Cutter any time soon. Still, it's a remarkable piece of engineering that would make Isaac Clarke proud.

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