Dead Space: Schematics Location Guide

Dead Space: Schematics Location Guide

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  • Every Set Of Schematic Blueprints In Dead Space Remake

Like most survival horror games, your inventory in Dead Space is far from limitless. As Isaac, players must scrounge the Ishimura's depths for the tools necessary to fight back against the Necromorph scourge. And while you can technically pull it all off with the bare minimum of instruments – think the first couple of weapons, the occasional medical pack, whatever standard-version ammo you happen across – it's far wiser to seek out schematics.

These all-important collectibles are the blueprints needed to acquire far better materials from Dead Space's interactive shops. If you're looking for a somewhat easier time, you'd best be searching for these kits. Better yet, cross each one off your checklist with this guide.

Every Set Of Schematic Blueprints In Dead Space Remake

By our present count, there are 13 schematics aboard the Ishimura. Since you're already here, we're assuming the likelihood of this are low, but do take care not to consult guides on the original version of the game, as the locations (and even the content) have shifted substantially.




Pulse Round


From the Coolant Pipes, slightly west.

Stasis Pack


Once you've defeated the Necromorphs that trigger the quarantine lockdown, search Main Lab Changing Room.

Ripper Blades


Engineering. Following your trip on the elevator, close to Fuel Storage Room.

Medium Med Pack


Just beyond the Decontamination Room/Chamber following the third chapter's quarantine segment.

Flamethrower Fuel


Engine Room. Hard to miss – it's right beside a mission objective.

Level Three Rig


En route to the cannons, check EVA Prep Room.

Line Racks


Doctor Warwick's Office. Security Clearance Two required. You'll find the office en route to Zero-Grav Therapy.

Force Energy


Search Air Filtration Tower while you're dealing with the Stasis puzzles. You'll know the ones. Trust us.

Contact Energy


There's a door that can only be accessed in Deck B by shooting its window's seals.

Level Four Rig


Workshop. Right next to the beacon, so again, terribly hard to pass by.

Oxygen Tank


Security Clearance Two required. Refueling Control Station.

Large Med Pack


Infirmary. Search the entryway. But be thorough – you're only here once.

Level Five Rig


Inside Crew Quarters, specifically Standard Bathrooms area.

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