Deliver Us Mars: Chapter Seven Walkthrough

Deliver Us Mars: Chapter Seven Walkthrough

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  • How To Reach The Sleeping Quarters
  • How To Follow ACE Through The Locked Door
  • How To Align The Labos MPT Dish

The seventh chapter in Deliver Us Mars is mostly plot-focused, which can be a welcome breath of fresh air after the last few chapters. However, there's still one puzzle that can leave players scratching their heads; using MPT equipment from behind locked doors to get through the sleeping quarters.

If any portion of Chapter Seven has you stuck, this guide will get you back on track. Some solutions are simpler than they first appear, and that's definitely the case with this one. Read on to continue your Martian journey and learn more about the conflict between Homeward and Outward!

How To Reach The Sleeping Quarters

When gameplay resumes, poke around the mess hall as much as you like, then take the elevator directly in front of you to meet up with Sarah and Ryan. When the three of you enter the crew quarters, speak with Ryan and Sarah individually, then examine the body behind the counter near where Ryan is standing.

After checking out the entrance area, move deeper into the quarters, crouching and vaulting as needed. Follow the ASE unit across the bridge to the next room, and approach the robot in the far corner by the window. When you climb over the debris, a cutscene will trigger.

When the cutscene ends, decrypt the hologram next to Claire. After it finishes, you’ll be in a stairwell – climb up to reach the sleeping quarters.

Continue straight through the sleeping quarters and you’ll find a door that AYLA can unlock. Do so, and view the hologram inside. Have AYLA open the next lock, and ACE will escape through a door in front of you.

How To Follow ACE Through The Locked Door

Cut open the floor panel in the hologram room to activate an MPT emitter, and aim it at the splitter across the gap. The beam will be sent to the door that ACE fled through, but you need to reduce the power output considerably.

Go across to the room with the splitter and send AYLA in through the aperture. Have her move the splitter slightly back from the emitter so that its side beam goes past the resistor in the adjoining room. If positioned correctly, it will open the side door, allowing Kat to retrieve the resistor.

Place the resistor directly in front of the emitter and fire it at the panel on the second floor. It will pass through a second resistor there; send AYLA up to move the second resistor, opening the door and allowing her to bring the equipment back to Kat.

Finally, place both resistors along the beam leading to the door lock, then fire the MPT back at the splitter. This should provide enough power reduction to open the door.

How To Align The Labos MPT Dish

Once you’re inside, decrypt the hologram in front of the door to Rosa’s quarters. Watch the cutscene that follows, and you’ll be returned to the Habitas bridge. Use the terminal next to Sarah to start aligning the Labos MPT dish.

Aim up and to the right so that the reticule is over Habitas, indicated by a red square. When it turns yellow, activate the dish to end the chapter.

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