Demon’s Souls: 10 Things Unique To White Tendency

Demon’s Souls: 10 Things Unique To White Tendency

Being the birth of SoulsBorne as a genre, Demon's Souls is a foundational work in gaming, building the way towards a dramatic change in combat design in games. That said, Demon's Souls still stands as a unique work in its own right and has plenty of its own mechanics to show for it, such as character and world tendency.

Though only lightly explained, Tendency is a kind of morality system for the world and player. World Tendency affects each Archstone either positively or negatively, while Character Tendency independently affects you. For White Tendency, this tends to push things towards a more pleasant, less grueling world.

10 New Areas Open Up

While initially exploring the world of Demon's Souls, certain areas will appear locked off, items just out of reach, or even have an NPC locked behind a door. At first glance, you might think there's some puzzle involved or some roundabout way to reaching it. Usually, this means you actually need a higher White World Tendency.

In Latria, some stairs become accessible to find a key to free an NPC. In Stonefang Tunnel the rubble in the Dragon God's arena is removed to let you pick up a new weapon. In the Shrine of Storms, that dead body holding an item in the pit you're kicked into finally drops down. The world is literally becoming less fractured through purity.

9 More Character Quests Become Available

Another major aspect is the characters that begin appearing. Once again, a world will never be at White Tendency by default, and will usually require you revisiting after fully completing it to find these new NPCs, but they all feature a unique quest to entice your return.

In the Valley of Defilement, you can find Selen Vinland searching for her brother, Garl Vinland. In the Shrine of Storms is Satsuki and his quest to find the Magic Sword Makoto. Or Executioner Miralda who chooses to abide by her title even to the end. Interestingly, these character quests don't always end well, considering they only appear in a pure world.

8 Certain Weapons Get Stronger

Character Tendency is interesting in that you could be running across Pure White Archstones with a Character Tendency stained Black. That said, White Character Tendency comes with plenty of benefits, especially for players having their first run through the game. One of those is how it affects the power of some weapons.

Found late in the game, Soulbrandt and Demonbrandt are opposites of each other. Where one becomes stronger, the other becomes weaker. In this case, Demonbrandt gains power with a White Tendency, while SoulBrandt loses it. However, should you forge the Northern Regalia, its power scales off both extremities.

7 Enemies Become Weaker

A White World is personified by the vanquishing of evil, the removal of demons and their souls. As a subsequent effect of this, enemies become weaker as well. It's as if the very souls sustaining them have been banished, living now only on dregs. Their damage values remain the same, though they lose max HP.

This makes White World Tendency somewhat ideal for players just starting off, as the world itself is already grueling enough as it is with the strength of enemies, that maybe a little leeway is more than a bit fair, while also fitting thematically.

6 You Become More Powerful When Helping Other Players

The Summoning and Invasion system of Demon's Souls is also unique. One can only summon and be invaded while in Human Form, though players can also only be summoned or invade while in Soul Form. There's an inherent balance to the system so that you can't be demolished by someone levels above you.

Of course, you can still tilt the scales a bit. Black Phantoms gain no benefits from White Tendency. However, being summoned to help others, while having White Tendency boosts your attack values. In fact, world and character Tendency boosts stack, meaning a Pure White world and character can become an invaluable ally.

5 You Become More Powerful In General

Enemies become weaker with White World Tendency, and you as a summoned phantom become stronger to help others, the beacon of hope and purity that you are – but the benefits don't stop there.

Those effects from being summoned actually apply in your own world as well. So a pure White character and world will allow you to travel through the many Archstones feeling like a God of Punishment, the great light that repels evil. Again, thematically it feels fitting, while making the game easier for you to handle.

4 You Acquire Fewer Souls

However, there is a consequence of all that extra power. Though you become all-powerful and enemies become much weaker, they do as a result drop fewer souls. Now, it's not that the souls themselves are given a negative multiplier. Rather, since the enemies are themselves weaker, the souls they give are consequently less as well.

It's a form of balance. You're already so powerful, so it might be a bit broken if you were also harvesting a terrifyingly large number of souls to make yourself stronger, and then suddenly decided to fill to a world of Black and could easily wreak havoc. Seems like a fair trade.

3 Ceramic Coins Start To Appear

Newly added to the Demon's Souls Remake are ceramic coins, little collectibles that are used to eventually gain the Rusted Key from Sparkly the Crow, which in turn is used to open a newly added door to gain the newly added Penetrator's Set. It was treated as something of a treasure Hunt.

The coins come with two caveats: They can only be found in Fractured Mode, and only in a Pure White or Pure Black World. However, certain coins are actually unique to certain Tendencies. This means that of the 13 coins, only 7 of them can actually be found in White World Tendency.

2 Lower Drop Rate

Again, great power comes with great pitfalls. You gain lesser souls, but enemies also have a reduced drop rate. Though your character may already be dealing pretty good damage to enemies as it stands, this lower drop rate can make it exceedingly hard to get those rarest materials to fully upgrade weapons.

It can make it tempting to jump to a darker world and give in, though it would still take a great investment to shift. That said, both world and character Tendencies carry over to a new game cycle, meaning you can just start over with all your strength and experience and paint the world black.

1 You Gain A Unique Item From The Monumental

Early on in Demon's Souls, players are introduced to The Monumental, one of the few people remaining from when The Old One was last lulled back to slumber and the Archstones were erected. They are immortal, a guardian of the world's order to ensure it does not fall out of balance, and the Old One is a great threat to that.

Seeing as shifting towards Black is to be consumed by your own greed for power, the Monumental doesn't look on that too keenly. The Nexus itself is free from World Tendency and as such, it is your own Character Tendency that shows here. So being of Pure White Character, The Monumental will bestow upon you the Ally's Ring, which boosts your power as a summoned Phantom.

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