Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Every Powerful And Pinnacle Upgrade

Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Every Powerful And Pinnacle Upgrade

With the completion of the Deep Stone Crypt raid, we now have a somewhat official tally on all of the power and pinnacle engrams that are available during Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt. While it seems likely atleast one more Powerful/Pinnacle will become available later in the season (thanks to some missing Triumphs in the Warden Seal) this list will give you a pretty good idea of which upgrades are available to you and how to unlock all of the additional upgrades introduced in Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt.

Keep in mind you’ll need to hit the soft cap of 1200 before many of these upgrades become available, and several of them will need to be unlocked by completing quests, purchasing Varik’s Sabotage Missions, and earning rank-ups with Crow.

Powerful Engrams

Here is the full list of Powerful Engrams you can collect each week:

  • Zavala – 8 Vanguard bounties
  • Nightfall – 2-3 completions (depending on selected difficulty)
  • Shaxx – 8 Crucible bounties
  • Crucible – Win seven rounds in Survival
  • Banshee – 8 Gunsmith bounties
  • Drifter – 8 Gambit bounties
  • Variks – 8 Europa bounties
  • Stranger – 100 Stasis kills
  • Hawthorne – Clan Engrams (4x from Crucible, Nightfall, Raid, and Gambit)
  • Crow – 5 Wrathborn Hunts *
  • Empire Hunts – 2 Completions *
  • Cryptolith Lure – 4 Completions *
  • Trials – Wins (3x from winning three, five, and seven matches)
  • Prime Engrams – 2x per day

Those are all the weekly repeatable Powerfuls. On top of that, there are three exotic quests and a ritual weapon quest that are rewarded as Powerfuls. You will also earn a Powerful with each full rank up of Infamy, Glory, and Valor.

You won’t have access to the Empire Hunt Powerfuls until you complete Europa Challenges I and Europa Challenges II from Variks’ Sabotage menu. These missions cost Hereafter Pieces which must be farmed from Europa.

Additionally, the Cryptolith Lure will only reward powerful for the first two Wrathborn Hunt completions each week until you unlock the perk for reaching rank four with Crow. This perk increases the bonus up to four and also rewards upgrades Crow’s weekly challenge to a Pinnacle

Finally, don’t forget that playlist activities now randomly reward +1 power level items. If you’ve claimed all of your Powerful and Pinnacles for the week, you can still continue earning power up to the 1250 hard cap by playing Strikes, Gambit, or Crucible. You also have a chance of getting Prime Engrams and Exotic Engrams to drop, which both decrypt into Powerfuls.

Pinnacle Engrams

Here are all of the currently available Pinnacle Engrams:

  • Hawthorne: Clan weekly engram
  • Crucible: Complete four matches
  • Vanguard: Complete three strikes while using the daily attuned energy type
  • Gambit: Complete three matches
  • Nightfall: Complete with 100,000 points
  • Crow: Complete five Wrathborn Hunts *
  • Empire Hunts: Complete on Master Difficulty *
  • Exo Simulation: First completion every week *
  • Deep Stone Crypt raid Completion
  • Trials: Flawless completion

Those are all of the weekly repeatable Pinnacles. Additionally, you can earn a Pinnacle the first time you reach Legend Glory rank. There are also four bounties available during every Iron Banner that reward one Pinnacle each.

You’ll need to reach the fourth reputation rank with Crow before his weekly engram gets upgraded to a Pinnacle. You’ll also need to unlock Europan Explorer I, II, and III as well as Europan Protector I, II, and III before the Empire Hunter Master challenge and the Exo Simulation Challenge engrams become available.

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