Destiny 2: How To Get The Veles-X Pulse Rifle

Destiny 2: How To Get The Veles-X Pulse Rifle

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Destiny 2's Season of the Seraph has dozens of new weapons for Guardians to chase. From new Seraph-themed armaments to new Tex Mechanica weaponry, there is something for everyone this season. One of this season's most notable weapons is Veles-X, a ritual Pulse Rifle that drops from ritual vendors.

This Void Pulse Rifle fires in four-round bursts, capable of shredding through fodder enemies and Guardians alike. Unlike other Pulse Rifles, Veles-X is the only Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2 that can use Repulsor Brace and Golden Tricorn simultaneously, making this weapon a great workhorse for most PvE content—provided you can trigger Golden Tricorn. This guide will showcase how to get your hands on Veles-X, its ornaments, and the perks you can expect on this gun.

How To Obtain Veles-X

Veles-X is obtained by reaching rank 16 with Commander Zavala, Lord Shaxx, or the Drifter. Each vendor oversees a particular seasonal activity with its own reputation system. Zavala is tied to Vanguard Ops and Nightfalls, Shaxx oversees the Crucible, and the Drifter runs Gambit. Completing matches of any activity will build reputation with that respective vendor. Playing the same activity multiple times will build an activity streak, increasing your reputation gains. We highly recommend you focus on playing a single ritual activity to maximize your reputation gains; jumping between activities will make it impossible to build a streak.

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Veles-X Ornaments

Veles-X has three ornaments you can earn, each tied to a ritual vendor. All three ornaments are obtained by resetting your reputation with a given vendor and reaching rank 16 again. Those vendors include Zavala, Shaxx, and the Drifter. Once Season of the Seraph ends, you can grab any ornaments you missed from the Exotic Kiosk at the Tower, costing one Ascendant Shard each.

Volos-X (Crucible)

Volos-X is the Crucible ornament for Veles-X, awarded by resetting your Crucible Valor rank and reaching rank 16. Crucible Valor refers to the Quickplay and rotating playlists, including Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris. Keep playing PvP matches to build up an activity streak to get this ornament quickly.

Nephthys-X (Gambit)

Nephthys-X is the Gambit ornament for Veles-X that's awarded by resetting your Gambit Infamy rank and reaching rank 16. Gambit matches grant a solid amount of reputation if you build up an activity streak. Stick to the playlist, play Freelance if you don't have a fireteam, and build your loadout around good add clear and boss DPS.

Orcus-X (Vanguard)

Orcus-X is the Vanguard Ornament for Veles-X. Reset your Vanguard Rank with Commander Zavala and reach rank 16 to receive this ornament. Nightfalls give a little more reputation than Vanguard Ops, so we recommend you farm Hero-tier Nightfalls or above to level with Zavala as fast as possible. Beyond that, stick to the Vanguard and Nightfall playlists—switching between them will still keep your activity streak—to get this done quickly.

Veles-X Perks

Veles-X Perks


Chambered Compensator


Flared Magwell

Trait Column 1

Repulsor Brace

Tunnel Vision

Trait Column 2

Golden Tricorn

Kill Clip

Veles-X is an Aggressive Frame Pulse Rifle that deals Void damage. It has excellent range and stability stats for its archetype, although it suffers from poor handling and reload speed. It also has access to four different Origin Traits: Hakke Breach Armaments, Vanguard Vindication, One Quiet Moment, and Gun and Run. As with all other weapons, only one Origin Trait may be active at any given moment.

As for perks, this weapon comes with Repulsor Brace and Tunnel Vision in column one, the former being a rare sight in this slot. For column two, you can select Golden Tricorn or Kill Clip. For PvE, we recommend Repulsor Brace and Golden Tricorn. Repulsor Brace gives you easy access to Void Overshields if you can proc Volatile Rounds through Echo of Instability or, if you've a Hunter, Gyrfaclon's Hauberk. Golden Tricorn will give you a 15% damage buff for killing a target. Land an ability kill afterward, and now you have a 50% damage buff, the highest in the game. This makes Veles-X pump out some serious damage that can only be matched by Exotic Pulse Rifles.

Crucible players should use Tunnel Vision and Kill Clip. Both perks have excellent synergy and can now be refreshed. Tunnel Vision will greatly improve your ADS speed and aim assist after a kill, and Kill Clip will give you a 25% damage buff to make this Veles-X's TTK far more forgiving. It won't outduel No Time to Explain or Revision Zero, but Veles-X is a great weapon for chaining kills in 6v6 playlists.

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