Destiny 2: How To Increase Your Strange Favor

Destiny 2: How To Increase Your Strange Favor

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Destiny 2's most recent DLC, the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, has added a new reputation system for players to grind through. Increasing your Strange Favor is key to unlocking new ornaments and weapons tied to the 30th Anniversary Pack. It's also needed to unlock some of Xur's rewards.

Unfortunately, Strange Favor makes Gambit Infamy look charitable by comparison. Increasing your Strange Favor rank is a serious grind, one that only dedicated players are going to finish. In this guide, we'll cover what Strange Favor is, every way to increase your Strange Favor rank, and the rewards you can expect from this rather lengthy grind.

Xur's Strange Favor

Xur shares a progression system very similar to Vanguard Ranks, Valor, and Infamy. As you complete Dares of Eternity matches, you'll gain Strange Favor with Xur. Earning enough Strange Favor will increase your reputation rank with him, unlocking new rewards.

Strange Favor shares the same leveling system as the other three ritual playlists. Ranks are divided as follows:

RankStrange Rank RequirementRank-Up Requirement
Guardian I050
Guardian II5075
Guardian III125125
Brave I250250
Brave II500450
Brave III950600
Heroic I1,550375
Heroic II1,925600
Heroic III2,525825
Fabled I3,350525
Fabled II3,875775
Fabled III4,6501,050
Mythic I5,700750
Mythic II6,4501,075
Mythic III7,5251,475


(Max Rank)

10,000N/A; reset is available

When you reach 10,000 Strange Favor, you can reset your rank with Xur to restart the grind. This lets you reobtain most of Xur's reward track items and Strange Engrams, although the rank 16 Ascendant Shard will be replaced with an Exotic Engram. You can only reset your Strange Favor five times per season.

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How To Increase Strange Favor

There's only one way to increase your Strange Favor: play Dares of Eternity. Both the Normal and Legend difficulty variants will grant progress towards your next Strange Favor rank. Xur and Starhorse bounties grant no Strange Favor, so focus on completing games instead of bounties.

Dares Of Eternity

Every run of Dares of Eternity grants 75 Strange Favor, with consecutive completions granting more favor due to the Activity Streak bonus (explained below). Both Normal and Legend runs grant +75 Strange Favor upon a Platinum completion. If you're looking to increase your rank quickly, running Normal Dares of Eternity is recommended.

Activity Streak

When you run Dares of Eternity two times consecutively, you'll start an Activity Streak. While this streak is active, subsequent Dares of Eternity runs will grant an additional +25 Strange Favor per streak bonus. This Activity Streak caps out at five consecutive completions. You'll gain this bouns regardless of a successful completion or not; playing Dares of Eternity is all you need to do.

Assuming you maintain a x5 Activity Streak and continuously run this playlist, it should take about 10-15 hours to achieve 10,000 Strange Favor—enough to reset your rank with Xur. Stick with the playlist, takes breaks outside of the game, and you should be able to reach rank 16 in a few play sessions.

The following actions will break your Activity Streak:

  • Visiting a destination
    • Exceptions include the Tower, H.E.L.M, Xur's Treasure Trove, and returning to orbit
  • Leaving mid-Eternity run
    • This completely removes your streak
    • Playing another activity
      • This completely removes your streak
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        Strange Favor Rewards

        Strange Favor is tied to two reward structures in the 30th Anniversary Pack: Xur's reward track and the Treasure Trove's rewards. Each Strange Favor rank will unlock new rewards from Xur and allow you to unlock new chests at the Treasure Trove.

        Xur's Reward Track

        Note: This is referring to the Xur vendor in the 30th Anniversary Pack, not the weekend version of Xur that sells Exotic goods.

        Certain division ranks of Strange Favor will unlock a reward from Xur at his Treasure Trove. If you reach rank 16, you can reset your Strange Favor to reset Xur's offerings. Unlike other reputation systems, you can only reset your Strange Favor five times per season.

        Initial RewardPost-Reset Reward
        Rank-Upsx1 Strange Engram (subranks count)x1 Strange Engram (subranks count)
        Division Rank-Upsx1 Prime EngramNone
        Rank 4Strange Keyx3 Upgrade Modules
        Rank 7x3 Upgrade Modulesx3 Enhancement Cores
        Rank 10x3 Enhancement Coresx3 Enhancement Cores
        Rank 13x2 Enhancement Prismsx2 Enhancement Prisms
        Rank 16Anomalous Access Cardx2 Enhancement Prisms
        Rank 16 Completedx1 Ascendant Shardx1 Exotic Engram

        Strange Engrams are effectively Legendary Engrams, granting anything from the world loot pool. The Strange Key and Anomalous Access Card are both tied to the Forerunner Exotic Sidearm. Check out our Forerunner guide to learn more about what these items do.

        Treasure Trove Rewards

        As you increase your Strange Favor with Xur, you can spend Treasure Keys at Xur's Treasure Hoard to unlock some unique rewards. Each reward is listed below.

        RankRewardKey Cost
        Rank 130th Anniversary Weapon Chestx1 Treasure Key
        Sweaty Confetti Chest
        Rank 4Helmet Universal Ornamentx3 Treasure Key
        Arms Universal Ornament
        Rank 7Chest Universal Ornamentx5 Treasure Key
        Rank 10Boots Universal Ornamentx5 Treasure Key
        Rank 13Class Item Universal Ornamentx7 Treasure Key
        Rank 16Equator Shellx3 Treasure Keys
        Inspired Eidolon Sparrowx5 Treasure Keys
        Unixursal Voyagerx7 Treasure Keys

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