Destiny 2: Why You Should Use Chosen Of The Warmind And How To Get It

Destiny 2: Why You Should Use Chosen Of The Warmind And How To Get It

Chosen of the Warmind is a mod in Destiny 2 that could very well change how you play the game, if you use it right. There are plenty of players eager to jump into battle with their new mods, weapons, and abilities, but this one will require you to think pretty hard before you just rush into battle with it. Plus, there’s no time like the present, as you can currently buy this mod in Destiny 2 immediately – if you act fast.

Chosen of the Warmind is incredibly useful, especially if you dislike getting into a position where you’re surrounded by foes. Equipping this mod will push back any nearby enemies with a concussive blast whenever you collect or destroy a Warmind Cell, which opens up a bunch of new gameplay opportunities. If you’re interested in finding out exactly what that means for your game plan, then just scroll down below and ponder on this advice…

How To Buy Chosen Of The Warmind Mod In Destiny 2

Lucky for anyone that has had their eye on this precious mod for a while, it is currently available (and when I say currently I mean it might be gone if you don’t very quickly indeed) to purchase in-game from Banshee, the Gunsmith you can find at the Tower. He’s selling it for a fairly reasonable price, and you won’t often be able to find this mod, so it’s well worth taking a look at if you’re looking to optimise one of your builds.

What Does Chosen Of The Warmind Do In Destiny 2?

To make the most of Chosen of the Warmind, then you will need to be using a compatible weapon. If you wield one of the Seventh Seraph weapons or the Ikelos weapons then you will be able to spawn Warmind cells in battle, just by shooting down enemies. Once you spawn one of these cells you can either collect it, or shoot it.

Depending on what kind of mod you have equipped, these cells can have very different effects, though for the purposes of this guide, we’re sticking with the Chosen of the Warmind mod, and that’s all about pushing enemies back and away while you do battle. The advantages to this are pretty obvious – you get a lot more space to breathe while doing battle, and can unload a few more shots into your enemies without getting taken down by those melee-hungry enemies that love to rush towards you.

Even if you don’t think that the Chosen of the Warmind mod will help your game plan long-term, it’s an excellent item to have in your overall Destiny 2 arsenal, so pick it up from Banshee while you can – it will not be long before it is gone!

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