Destiny 2: Xur Guide – Locations, Loot & More

Destiny 2: Xur Guide – Locations, Loot & More

Destiny 2 has a myriad of activities, NPCs, and mechanics that offer rewards. Players don’t need to look far to find ways of earning new weapons and armor. Most activities provide Legendary gear, however, so how do newer Guardians obtain Exotics?

That is where Xur, Agent of the Nine comes in. This mysterious NPC visits a random location every Friday with a variety of Exotic gear. Xur is an excellent way for newer players to fill out their Exotic collection. Veterans can also take advantage of Xur’s randomly-rolled armor to make the perfect build. From his offerings to locations, here is a  complete guide on Destiny 2’s Xur.

Who Is Xur?

Xur is a mysterious vendor that appears between Friday and Tuesday. This agent of the Nine brings Exotic gear that Guardians can purchase for Legendary Shards. Xur will always sell the following items every visit:

  • One Exotic weapon
  • Three Exotic armor pieces, one for each class
  • Fated Engrams
  • An Exotic Cipher quest

Exotic armor Xur sells all have random stat distributions. Check out his stock weekly to discover new armor rolls. He also sells an Exotic Cipher quest. This is effectively a bounty that asks you to play a particular activity such as strikes or Gambit. Completing the quest grants one Exotic Cipher. You can only earn one a week.

Fated Engrams are the best item Xur sells, granting one piece of non-duplicate Exotic gear. They are relatively expensive, costing 97 Legendary Shards, but this is by far the best way to expand your Exotic collection. Should you own every Exotic, Fated Engrams guarantee an Exotic armor piece with random stats. A second Fated Engram may also be purchased for one Exotic Cipher. Xur sells two Fated Engrams each week.

Where Can Xur Appear?

Ever since Bungie began sunsetting planets, Xur has become much easier to find. Xur only has three potential spawn locations: the Tower, the EDZ, and Nessus. He will visit one of these three locations at random, staying there from Friday until Tuesday’s reset.

The Tower: Hanger

Xur can appear in the Tower hanger on the right side of the map. From spawn, hang left and enter the large hanger area. You’ll want to turn left and run north to the end of the hanger. On the top-left corner of the hanger will be a flight of stairs. Walking up those stairs will reveal Xur.

EDZ: Winding Cove

Spawn at the Winding Cove in the EDZ. From the shore, drive straight ahead to reach a destroyed road. Head to the right fork and follow it. A group of Fallen should be near a dirt path. Defeat the Fallen, then look for a cave entrance in the cliffside.

Here is where the cave entrance is:

Run through the small cave to reach an abandoned Fallen Skiff. Xur will be right beside the Skiff.

Nessus: Watcher’s Grave

Travel to the Watcher’s Grave on Nessus. When you spawn, follow the path north until you reach a massive red tree. Hop off of your Sparrow, then climb the tree. The branch facing south is Xur’s spawn location.

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