Destruction AllStars: Pro Tips And Tricks

Destruction AllStars: Pro Tips And Tricks

Destruction AllStars released this month as part of the PlayStation Plus program. Anyone who subscribes to the online services can download this game for free on their PlayStation 5 system until April 6. This destruction derby takes a new spin on a familiar but forgotten genre. One of the latest twists added in Destruction AllStars is the ability to exit cars and run on foot. Players will need to master this new system’s ins and outs if they wish to dominate in the arena.

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Luckily, some of the developers for Destruction AllStars are leaving helpful tips online. Kristjan Zadziuk released a handful of helpful information for those interested in upping their skills and mastering the traversal system. Here, we explain and dissect the tips he’s unveiled to the public. With the right amount of practice, any player can use these skills to dominate their Destruction AllStars competition.


On foot, each AllStar can hop, jump, and wall run to outplay the enemy vehicles aiming to KO them. While these are the moves shown to players in the tutorial, a few actions are up to players to discover. The first tip allows players to add another movement option to their repertoire: this being Vaulting. By pressing Circle near a barrier, an AllStar can vault over it with one fluid motion without losing momentum. It’s a great way to move past barriers quickly while bamboozling the competition.

Vault Boost

Once players have mastered the Vault, there’s another traversal tool that they can add for more options when moving around. Immediately after a Vault, AllStars can press X for a Vault Boost. This move results in an enormous leap that gives players vertical boosts. Kristjan describes this power as a “great way of getting to hard to reach places.” With so many secrets peppered throughout the levels, like Hidden Shards and Experience Boosters, learning this skill is integral to getting around the map with ease. This move even works on traps, to make sure to try vaulting on anything in your way to keep up speed.

Land Boosting

After dropping from substantial heights, AllStars will lose their footing, momentum and become vulnerable if no action is taken. A great way to combat this weakness is with the Landing Boost. Press Circle right before landing to roll forward, which prevents AllStars from stumbling.

Hero Mode Hidden Benefits

Breaker Mode is one of the most influential abilities in the game. It grants increased movement speed, enhanced barging range, and even lets AllStars double jump. There are even more benefits that this model offers. When Breaker mode is active, players can mount cars from farther away. As always, tap Triangle to climb a car and begin the takeover sequence.

Quick Eject Vs. Standard Eject

There are multiple ways to hop out of a car when the situation calls for it. Depending on the situation, players will want to choose either Quick Eject or Standard Eject. To Quick Eject, press Triangle when driving. This move is excellent for scenarios where players want to stay close to their vehicles, as it leaves riders right next to their ride. The Standard Eject jettisons the driver out of their vehicle at incredible heights. Press X when driving to use this function and get some range from the vehicle.


Knowing how to avoid cars on foot is detrimental to on-foot traversal. When running around the stadium, keep an eye out for yellow lightning bolts near your AllStar’s head. This indicates that a car is heading directly for you. Pressing Circle while this indicator is on-screen will allow your character to perform the Skill Evade Dodge. You’ll avoid being hit and earn points in the process. Make sure to use this skill as often as possible to earn points in modes like Mayhem and Carnado.

Wall Richochet

For situations that require quick horizontal traversal, the Wall Richochet is an excellent option. This ability catapults AllStars away from the wall in the opposite direction. To use this move, press Circle when in the air near a wall. It’ll make close shaves with aggressive drivers far easier to deal with.

Richochet Boost

Just like with Vaulting, there is an improved version of the Richochet that gives a vertical boost. This is known as the Richochet Boost. By pressing X while in the air after using Richochet, players will get an improved jump that prioritizes vertical movement over horizontal. Try using this ability when cars are circling nearby, trying to flatten you. Learning which of these two types of Richochets are preferential will drastically boost player survivability.


One of the best ways to earn a few easy points in modes like Mayhem and Carnado is by barging other on foot opponents. This move allows players to melee their rivals, and it has a substantial range. Even if players are farther away, try Barging them to hone in on them from farther away. Press Square on foot to use Barges. This move does have a cooldown, so don’t try to use this move repeatedly. There is a small indicator on the bottom left of the screen that lets players know how long they’ll have to wait to Barge again.

Saving Momentum

When AllStars are wrecked, they’ll have to abandon their cars instantly. After leaving the car, they’ll have just a few seconds to gain their footing and escape from an unfavorable situation. Should no action be taken, players will be trapped in a clumsy animation that leaves them vulnerable.

To avoid getting trapped in a stumbling animation after a wreck, tap Circle right before landing to preserve momentum and get a chance to escape your enemies. Should players time their button presses right, they’ll be able to run at full speed immediately after exiting their vehicle. Try to keep these tips and tricks in mind when heading out on foot in Destruction AllStars to dominate the opposition.

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