Disgaea 6 – Piyori Character Guide

Disgaea 6 – Piyori Character Guide

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Disgaea 6 has over 20 playable classes and a comparable number of unique, named characters – especially once you start throwing in DLC and cameo appearances. There is a fair amount to mess around with, and knowing where to start can be pretty darn difficult. After all, how are you meant to know who does what?

The main cast is always a good bet as they are designed to be somewhat overtuned. Piyori is not different, and in fact, she is one of the very best. She isn’t a jack-of-all-trades – she is a specialist, and very few characters can compare to her when she is in her element. Let’s dig into why.

Who Is Piyori?

Piyori is the last surviving/acting/roleplaying Prism Ranger. Prism Rangers are Disgaea’s version of Power Rangers, and they have made an appearance in every game since the original. The thing is, they are always played for laughs, and they are always terrible. Not in Disgaea 6.

Piyori is not only a fantastic character in-game, but narratively, her struggle to uphold virtues she doesn’t understand is endearing, comical, and interesting. It’s hard not to love her when she forces the entire cast to become Prism Rangers, with Prism Pup and Prism Bitch being highlights.

Why Use Piyori?

Piyori is a monstrously powerful single-target nuker. Her ability to murder people in single combat is only surpassed by Zed, and even then, Piyori gives him a run for his money. This makes Piyori and dangerous duellist and a phenomenal boss killer.

Piyori will be the go-to whenever you fight hidden bosses, super bosses, and, well, any boss. She is just that good.

What Weapon Does Piyori Use?

Piyori has several weapons she is good with, but only a couple shine when in her hands. Her Masteries are:


Because of her Masteries, Sword or Gun are the ideal choices. Of the two, we would recommend using Swords because all of Piyori’s skills scale off of ATK – a stat Guns don’t use at all. You will be hurting your damage significantly by running a pistol.

Piyori’s Unique Evilities

Piyori has two unique evilities, and they are:

Heroic VirtueFor 1% of HP lost, increase damage dealt by 2%
Heroic InsightIncrease critical rate against higher-level enemies by 30%

Heroic Virtue is fantastic because you can almost triple your damage when at “full power”. This is almost as high as Zed and his bonus to damage, which instantly skyrockets Piyori into the upper echelons of characters. You can use AOE attacks to deal some damage to Piyori to increase her damage, then heal her back to full after she attacks. It works wonders.

Heroic Insight is less useful than Heroic Virtue, but considering most bosses should be out-levelling you (especially late game), that extra Crit Rate can go a long way, and 30 percent is nothing to scoff at. More damage is always a good thing.

Piyori’s Unique Attacks

Piyori’s Attacks are excellent, but there is one that shines above them all and that is why you take her in the first place.

Prism PunisherDATKNone0N/A
Prism AcceleratorE+ATKNone0Line
Prism DynamiteBATKNone0Horizontal Line
Prism End SSATKNone0N/A

How To Use Piyori

Piyori is easy to use. She is great in just about any mission thanks to her skillset, but she shines when slapping bosses. The best way to use her is to use Prism End over, and over again. Its damage is staggeringly good, and if you play off of Piyori’s Evilities, she will skyrocket in potential.

Have Piyori attack last in any attack order, and have allies use AOE attack to his her, and the boss (make sure you don’t kill her by accident…). Then, use Prism End to deal as much damage as you can, and end your turn with a Clergy or Sea Angel healing her back to full HP. Rinse and repeat until you win.

Piyori does have some AOE attacks too, making her decent against groups of enemies, but due to their nature (line-based), she can struggle to make the most of them. That, and their damage scaling isn’t the best. Stick to single-target for the most part.

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